Sleeping Bag Trek Lite +3 ºc-Deuter

However, before you start talking about this essential equipment, know the difference between Feather goose down and synthetic fiber:

Goose feather: the Quill is lighter, more resistant, compact and expands more, with this isolating better than cold, compared to synthetic fibers. However, the plumeloses all its qualities and gets heavier when wet.

Sleeping Bag Trek Lite 3 Oc Deuter3

Synthetic fibres: the main advantages of synthetic fibers on the plume of goose, are in price and higher resistance to water. The quality of these advances each year,but hasn’t reached the capacity that the goose feather has.


Your measurements are 205 x 75 x 48 cm (open) and 13 x 30 cm (closed) and your weight is only 800 grams, this makes this sleeping bag one of the lightest on the sleepingbagsexpo.

Sleeping Bag Trek Lite 3 Oc Deuter2

Sleeping bag

Sleeping bag

To better understand what we are talking about the measures of this sleeping bag, put him alongside a two-liter soda bottle.

Sleeping bag

Its heat capacity is +7° (comfort) +3° (limit) to -12° (extreme), the manufacturer guarantees to -14° in extreme uses. being recommended for use in moderate cold temperatures as those found in Brazilian mountains 2,000 meters up.

Sleeping Bag Trek Lite 3 Oc Deuter1

Sleeping bag

Has the inner layer with stuffing into goose, which is the best thermal insulator. In addition, the plume of goose is lighter and, besides being more compact, also expands more and insulates better than cold compared to the synthetic fibres.


The goose down used by Deuter are 80/20 ratio, i.e. 80% and 20% other small, which makes this bag extremely light and small. On construction of the sleeping bagTrek Lite tissues, internal and external, are connected by straight dividers. H cameras created by these rectangular partitions are filled with goose feather that can expand to fulfill your complete insulation function.

Sleeping bag


The cameras in the form H where the feathers are stitched three to three, to avoiddisplacement of the feathers and the consequent decrease in efficiency. Used in sleeping bags Trek Lite 250 and 300 Deuter.


Source: Deuter

The external tissue Pro Lite RS 30 is an ultra-thin ripstop nylon, very soft to the touch and extremely lightweight. It’s a very thin fabric, but offers great stability and resistance to abrasion, thanks to your ripstop structure. Pro Lite RS tissue is durable and quick drying.


Pro Lite RS 30


When we open the sleeping bag, soon we can see the zipper with velcro closure, thus ensuring that he is not open at night. Another detail that he has is a label stitched to the side of the zipper with information about the temperature bearable.

Sleeping bag

We can see the zipper with velcro closure, thus ensuring that it opens at night

Sleeping bag

Temperature ranges.

Own zipper YKK of course double which can be opened from the inside or from the outside and allows coupling with another sleeping bag, if you have a girlfriend, you can transform this sleeping bag in a double bag for couple, making your camping trip more pleasurable. Another interesting detail about the zipper, he has inner lining, thus preventing direct contact with your skin, further increasing comfort while sleeping.

Sleeping bag

Double zipper.

Sleeping bag

Inner lining, thus preventing direct contact with your skin.

Talking about the zipper we can notice that the inside of the sleeping bag, near the feet, has a hood for the zipper, what is it? Have the function of protecting the end of zipper, thus preventing suffering some damage or if open during the night.

Sleeping bag

Internal compartment has pockets with velcro closure and can be stored items of value or your cell phone, along with this pocket has a sticker with the product specifications.

Sleeping bag

Inside pocket with warning label.

Also features a hood with opening and closing adjustments, with the function of improving body and heating causes you can adjust for perfect way around your neck. Because he’s a sleeping bag with great power of thermal insulation has a heating collar which helps in retaining the air inside the sleeping bag.

Sleeping bag

Adjustments of the hood and collar.

Externally the sleeping bag has two handles small, located near their feet, serve to hang, thus preventing the love plumes when you’re not