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Slovakia Basic Information

Basic data
Capital Bratislava
Population 5.45 million
Language Slovak
Religion Christianity
State system republic
Head of State Zuzana Čaputová
Head of government Eduard Heger
Currency name Euro (EUR)
Time shift is not against CET
Economy 2021
Nominal GDP (billion USD) 182.3
Economic growth (%) 3
Inflation (%) 2.8
Unemployment (%) 7.5

According to a2zdirectory, Slovakia is a sovereign, democratic, legal state. The era of modern Slovakia begins on January 1, 1993, when Czechoslovakia broke up into two successor states – the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. Slovakia is a parliamentary democracy with a unicameral parliament, which is called the National Council of the Slovak Republic and has 150 deputies. The head of state is the president, who is now Zuzana Čaputová. Its current mandate expires in June 2024. Executive power is vested in the government, the current prime minister is Eduard Heger.

Slovakia is a small and open economy dependent on economic development in Germany and neighboring countries. The Slovak economy grew continuously in the years 2010-2019. The Slovak economy is dependent on industry, in which almost 700,000 people work. people. It is vitally dependent on the automotive industry. It creates almost 14% of GDP and almost half of industrial production. Slovakia is the largest producer of passenger cars in the world per 1,000 inhabitants. Four car manufacturers (Volkswagen, Peugeot, KIA and Jaguar Land Rover) and more than 350 suppliers for the automotive industry operate in the country. Other important industrial sectors include electrotechnical industry, chemical industry and metallurgy. A significant part of the services is made up of business service centers.

Slovakia is the 2nd largest export market for the Czech Republic after Germany and the 4th largest trading partner. The mutual trade balance has been in a significant surplus for the Czech Republic for a long time. The main items of Czech exports to Slovakia are passenger cars and their parts and components, telephones for cellular and other networks, electricity, equipment for automated data processing, medicines, mineral oils and foodstuffs. Passenger cars and their parts and components, mineral oils, iron and steel products and medicines are heading from Slovakia to the Czech Republic. Opportunities for Czech companies in Slovakia exist mainly in the following areas: automotive industry, energy industry, transport industry and infrastructure, rail and rail transport, food industry and defense industry. The Czech Republic is the second largest foreign investor in Slovakia after the Netherlands. Thanks to living together in one state, close culture and almost no language barrier, the two economies are strongly linked. Czechs currently own 1thousand even more than 14,000 companies in Slovakia and Slovaks. companies in the Czech Republic.

According to the current estimate of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic (February 2022), GDP should increase by 3.5% in 2022. In 2022, the Slovak economy will accelerate its dynamics thanks to the drawing of funds from the EU Recovery and Resilience Plan. After the pandemic recedes, consumer confidence will be restored and domestic demand will rise with it. However, its development may adversely affect the military conflict in Ukraine. Slovakia is almost 100% dependent on the import of energy raw materials from the Russian Federation. According to leading representatives of the Slovak industry, sanctions in the form of an accelerated disconnection from the import of raw materials from the Russian Federation can significantly adversely affect the development of the Slovak economy. According to the EC’s current forecast (May 2022), Slovakia’s economy should grow by 2.3% in 2022 and by 3.6% in 2023.

Practical telephone numbers (emergency services, police, firemen, information lines, etc.)

– Emergency services: 155, 112
– Police: 158, 112
– Municipal police: 159
– Fire brigade: 150, 112
– Information on telephone numbers in the Slovak Republic: 1181
– Information on telephone numbers abroad: 12149
– Information and dispatch service for motorists: 18 123, 1815
– Accident and emergency service for motorists: 18 128, 18 154
– Emergency service: 0123
– Air rescue service: 18 155
– Mountain rescue service: 18 300
– Traffic rescue service (SČK): elimination of the consequences of traffic accidents 154

Towing and assistance service:

– Global assistance Slovakia: 18 118
– Slovak Autoturist Club (SATC): 18 124
– Autoklub Slovakia Assistance: 18 120, 18 112
– Transport service: *75 (from a mobile phone)

Health insurance:

– Dôvera: 0800 150 150
– General Health Insurance: 0850 003 003
– Union: 0850 003 333

Mobile operators and fixed lines:

– Orange Slovakia
– customer line: 905
– O2 Slovakia
– customer line: 949
– Slovak Telekom
– customer line: 0800 123 456
– 4ka – customer line: 950
– Fixed line fault service: 12129

Other useful phone numbers:

– Universal voice information service: 1180
– Info assistant (24 hours a day), timetables, flight schedules, accommodation, medical facilities, job offers and others: 12 111
– Stella service: information for motorists: *75
– Autoklub Slovakia Assistance
– motorist information: 18 124
– Reporting telephone malfunctions: 12 129
– Exact time: 12 110
– Children’s rescue line: 0800 112 112
– Animal freedom: 16 187
– Helpline for victims of violence: 0850 111 321
– Helpline: 02 4446 0606
– Electricity – fault report: 0800 111 567
– Water – fault report: 0800 121 333
– Gas – fault report: 0850 111 727

Important web links and contacts

President of the Slovak Republic – https://www.prezident.sk/
National Council of the Slovak Republic – https://www.nrsr.sk/web/
Government Office of the Slovak Republic – https://www.vlada.gov.sk/
Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic – https://www.mfsr.sk/sk/
Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic – https://www.mhsr.sk/
Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic – https://www.mirri.gov.sk/
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of European Affairs of the Slovak Republic – https://www.mzv.sk/
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic – https://www.mpsr.sk/
Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic – https://www.mindop.sk/
Ministry of Labour, of Social and Family Affairs of the Slovak Republic – https://www.employment.gov.sk/sk/
Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic – https://www.minzp.sk/
Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic – https://www.mosr.sk/
Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic – https://www.minv.sk/
Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic – https://www.justice.gov.sk/Stranky/default.aspx
Ministry Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic – https://www.minedu.sk/
Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic – https://www.culture.gov.sk/
Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic – https://www.health.gov.sk /Titulka
Národní banka Slovenska – https://www.nbs.sk/sk/titulna-stranka Slovak
Financial Administration – https://www.financnasprava.sk/sk/titulna-stranka
Slovak Agency for Investment and Trade Development (SARIO) – https://sario.sk/
Eximbanka SR – https://www.eximbanka.sk/
Slovak Guarantee and Development Bank – https://www.szrb.sk/
Public Procurement Office of the SR – https://www.uvo.gov.sk/
Industrial Property Office of the SR – https://www.indprop.gov.sk/
Office for Standardization, Metrology and Testing of the SR – https://www. unms.sk/ Slovak
State Veterinary and Food Administration – https://www.svps.sk/
Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry – https://www.sopk.sk/
Slovak Chamber of Agriculture and Food – http://www.sppk.sk/
Commercial Register of the Slovak Republic – https://www.orsr.sk/
Trade Register of the Slovak Republic – https://www.zrsr.sk/default.aspx
Association of Employers’ Unions and Associations of the Slovak Republic – https://www.azzz.sk /
Association of Industrial Unions – https://www.asociaciapz.sk/
Republican Union of Employers – https://www.ruzsr.sk/
Klub 500 – http://www.klub500.sk/
Association of the Automotive Industry of the Slovak Republic – https://www.zapsr.sk/
Association of the Engineering Industry of the Slovak Republic – http://www.zspsr.sk/
Association of the Electrotechnical Industry of the Slovak Republic – https: //zep.sk/
Association of Security and Defense Industry SR – https://www.zbop.sk/
Slovak Gas and Oil Association – http://www.spnz.sk/
IT Association of Slovakia – https://itas.sk /
Council for Budget Responsibility – https://www.rozpoctovarada.sk/

Main media:

Radio and Television of Slovakia – https://www.rtvs.sk/
TA3 – https://www.ta3.com/
Hospodářské noviny – https://hnonline.sk/
Pravda – https://www.pravda.sk/
Trend – https://www.trend.sk/

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