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On December 21, 2007, Slovakia joined the ranks of the Schengen countries.

To obtain a short-term tourist visa for up to 90 days, Russian citizens need the following documents:

– Passport, the validity of which must exceed the validity of the visa by at least 90 days.

– A copy of the civil passport.

– 2 color photographs on a dark background, 3.5 x 4.5 cm.

– To confirm the purpose of the trip, it is necessary to present in the case of an organized or individual tour – a voucher from an accredited travel company or an invitation with a notarized signature of the inviting person; in the case of a commercial trip – an invitation from a trade commercial partner or organization, and in the case of multiple commercial trips, additionally also a cooperation agreement with a Slovak company or commercial organization and paid invoices for services; in case of participation in international conferences, seminars, symposia, cultural and sports events – an invitation from the organizers of the event and an official letter from the sending organization with a request to issue a visa for its employee.

– Document on the financial support of the stay. This can be a bank statement confirming the applicant’s regular income (salary, pension) for a period of 6 to 12 months, or an extract from a credit bank account, or cash, or traveler’s checks.

– Return ticket (air, train, bus) or driver’s license, vehicle registration certificate and international vehicle insurance policy (“green card”)

– International health insurance in the amount of at least 30,000 euros – for all applicants, except for family members of citizens states of the European Union or the European Economic Community.

Consular fees for visas are charged when submitting an application in US dollars at the current exchange rate to the Slovak crown, depending on the term of its processing, in the amount equivalent to 35 euros.

When entering the territory of the Slovak Republic, foreign citizens, at the request of the police authority, are required to present:
– health insurance valid on the territory of the Slovak Republic, if this does not contradict an international agreement,
– a sum of money in freely convertible currency in the amount of 1,700 Slovak crowns per person for one day residence in Slovakia. Failure to submit these documents may serve as a reason for refusing entry into the territory of Slovakia.

Foreign citizens are obliged, within three working days from the date of entry into the territory of the Slovak Republic, to inform the Police Department for Foreigners about the beginning of their short-term stay in the territory of the Slovak Republic, the address of residence and the expected duration of stay in the territory of the Slovak Republic. In the case of accommodation in hotels or hotel-type establishments, registration is issued by the administration of this establishment.

There are no restrictions on the import and export of foreign currency in Slovakia. Duty-free import of up to 200 pieces is allowed. cigarettes or 100 thin cigars, or 50 regular cigars, or 250 grams of tobacco, up to 1 liter of strong alcoholic beverages (more than 38% alcohol), up to 2 liters of wine, up to 50 ml of perfume, up to 250 ml of toilet water, as well as personal items for an amount not exceeding 30 thousand kroons. Tobacco products can only be imported by persons over 16 years of age, alcoholic products – over 18 years of age. Medicines and medicines can be imported duty-free in the amount necessary for personal needs. The import and export of weapons, explosives, pornographic products, narcotic substances is prohibited.

Embassy in Slovakia

Slovakia, embassy in Moscow
Mayakovskaya or Belorusskaya metro station, Julius Fuchik street, 17/19

Phone: 956-49-20, 250-46-17

Fax: 250 28 72

The consular department of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Moscow is open: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9.00 to 12.00 h. (reception of applications) and from 15.30 to 16.30 h. (issuance of issued visas).

Slovakia, Embassy website:

Slovakia, Russian Embassy in the country:
Bratislava, st. Godrova, 4.

Tel.: 313-468.

Fax: 334-910.

Contact in Slovakia

In almost all settlements on the streets you can find pay phones that work with cards or coins.

In order to call to Slovakia, you need to dial 8 – 10 – 421 – city code – subscriber number. Bratislava code – 7.

Emergency Phones in Slovakia

Fire Brigade – 150

Police – 158

Ambulance – 155

Emergency and Ambulance Roadside Assistance – 154

International Telephone Information – 0149


Official holidays:

January 1 – New Year, Proclamation Day of the Slovak Republic

January 6 – Orthodox Christmas

May 1 – Labor Day

May 8 – Liberation Day from fascism

May 28 – Republic Liberation Day

July 5 – Cyril and Methodius

Day August 29 – Day Slovak National Uprising

September 1 – Constitution Day

November 1 – All Saints Day

December 25-26 – Catholic Christmas

In Slovakia, various festivals are held throughout the year. In May-June, the “Bratislava Lira” takes place, in the middle of summer – folklore festivals in Vykhodne, in September “Bratislava Jazz Days”, as well as festivals dedicated to the grape harvest, annually in December – the film festival “Febiofest”

In Slovakia, you should be careful with currency exchange on the street and when using ATMs.

According to thembaprograms, shops are open all week, except Sunday, from 9:00 to 19:00. Large supermarkets are open around the clock.

Tip is 10% of the amount indicated on the bill.

Tourists in Slovakia are treated kindly.

220V, 50Hz;

Before traveling to Slovakia, you must take out health insurance. Medical services are paid here.

Slovakia Visa