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Slovenia Resorts and Attractions

Slovenia is a state in the south of Central Europe. Common borders in the west – with Italy, in the north – with Austria, in the northeast – with Hungary, in the east and south – with Croatia.
The capital is Ljubljana. Currency – euro. Religion – Catholicism and Protestantism.

According to smb, time is 2 hours behind Moscow time.

In Slovenia, three climatic zones can be distinguished: Central European, Alpine (mountainous) and Mediterranean. Especially a lot of precipitation in the form of rain and snow falls in the Julian Alps. Summer lasts from June to the end of October, during this period you can swim in the sea and in the lakes. The climate is temperate continental. The temperature in winter is -2*С, in summer +22*С. Half of the country’s territory is occupied by forests (beech, oak and coniferous).

The population of Slovenia is 2 million people. 90% of the population are Slovenes, 10% are national minorities – Italians, Hungarians, Croats, Serbs. The official language is Slovenian. Slovenians have a good command of one of the languages; English, German, many understand Russian.

To enter the country you need to have a Schengen visa.

Useful phone numbers
Embassy of Russia in Slovenia (Ljubljana): (3861) 125 6875.
Telephone connection with Russia – 007 + area code + telephone number
Telephone connection with Slovenia – 8 10 386 + + area code + telephone number
police – 113
rescue service – 112
Phone cards are sold at post offices.

The nature of Slovenia strikes with a variety of very beautiful Slovenian landscapes. Vineyards are spread on the hills, entrances to mysterious caves are hidden among pine and beech forests. Alpine slopes are decorated with waterfalls and glacial lakes, on the one hand the Alps descend into the green Pannonian plains, and on the other – into the azure Adriatic Sea. Here the snow-covered ridges of the Alps, the Pannonian lowland, the flat coast of the Adriatic and the limestone Karst plateau come together.

Resorts and attractions in Slovenia

Ljubljana is a charming historic city. Among the attractions are the Triple Bridge, the Cathedral, the Bishop’s Palace, the Urshulinskaya Church, the Serpent Bridge, the Town Hall, the Roman fortress wall.
Maribor is a medieval city, the second largest in Slovenia. The city is located on both banks of the Drava River, in the vicinity of picturesque wine-growing hills. Sights – an ancient fortress wall, an old vine (400 years old), a Franciscan monastery, a plague column of the 17th century, Slomshkov-Trg Square with the Cathedral of John the Baptist and the Slovenian National Theater.
Stud farm “Lipica” – the birthplace of the Lipizzan horse breed, one of the most famous European breeds. Of the snow-white trotters of this breed, the ceremonial departure of the Vienna Royal Court consists. The plant was founded in 1580 by Archduke Charles for the needs of the Austrian army. Today it is not only a stud farm, but also a first-class tourist center with rich traditions.
Postojna Pit is the largest karst cave in Slovenia. It is located near the town of Postojna. The length of the cave is 28 km.
Predjama Castle is located on a sheer cliff 9 km from Postojna Pit. This is a unique historical building with its own legends.

Resort Rogaška Slatina. Hotel “Rogaška” (4 stars) is located in the center of the resort and is connected by passages to all hotels and the treatment center. The hotel was built in the style of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 2003. The interiors of the hotel are classic. There is a restaurant, bars, music hall, swimming pools, saunas, gym.
Grand Hotel “Sava” (4 stars) is surrounded by a flowering park. It is connected by a passage with the Zagreb Hotel, thermal and healing centers. There is a bar, a concert hall, swimming pools, saunas, restaurants, an oriental medicine center. For breakfast – Swedish table.

Kranjska mountain – located in the north-west of Slovenia, 7 km from the Austrian and Italian borders, at an altitude of 810 m. Includes three ski centers. Kranjska Gora, Podkoren, Planica. Ski tracks and snowboard tracks are equipped both on the slopes directly adjacent to the resort town, and at a distance of 3 kilometers. The ski school Kranjska Gora is part of the famous alpine ski club “Alpski Smucarski Klub”. The resort has well-prepared slopes of varying difficulty for flat skiing. Kranjska Gora is ideal for holidays with children and beginner skiers. The ski season is from early December to mid-March.

Bohinj located at an altitude of 520 m. This is a picturesque valley on the territory of the Triglav National Reserve (Lake Bohinj, Savica waterfall, villages – Bohinjska Bystrica, Middle Vaz). It offers restaurants, bars, discos, an ice rink, equipment rental, ski schools and sleigh rides on the lake.

Interesting facts

Slovenia produces good white and red wines, spirits: schnops and brandy.

The bus is the most convenient and cheapest mode of transport. Tickets can be purchased directly on the bus from the driver. Car rentals are located in all major cities and airports. The duration of the flight Moscow – Ljubljana is approximately 3 hours.

Slovenian cuisine is very diverse and balanced; it combines Slavic, Italian and Austrian gastronomic traditions. Dough dishes are typical for the whole country, a very tasty national dish – potitsa, a sweet roll with nuts and raisins. Most restaurants include a 10% service charge on the bill.

Large stores are open until 19:00 on weekdays and until 13:00 on Saturdays. Of the national souvenirs, interesting are: embroidery, pottery, crystal and, of course, Slovenian wines. When saving checks for purchases over 1100 tolars, a VAT refund is made at the airport.

The export and import of foreign currency is not limited, large amounts must be declared.

Slovenia Resorts