Snapchat Includes Filters for Things That Do Not Are Your Face

Snapchat, this application that some love and others have little understanding of what is or what it is. Although it is not their only function, the facial filters have helped increase its popularity, as they are high-quality and varied. Although not used safe Snapchat in your life that you’ve ever seen the effect of the face of dog or Rainbow vomit.

You need to use these effects simply play in your face and choose the effect that will convince more, but so far all had one thing in common: applied to your face. It is not now the case, because some filters are now general use with any background, for example with the rear camera mobile.

The effects on your face, called selfie lenses, now share protagonism with others destined to change the environment that surrounds you, the world of lenses. It does not frighten you name, are just below the others, being the first for now the clouds with Rainbow.

With one of the filters you can simulate to be using a flashlight, another creates artificial snow, butterflies, or lighting effects as if you were in a nightclub. Some filters they change their effect depending on whether you’re using the camera front or rear. Here’s a video where you can see it working better than a screenshot.

The idea is, once again, the entertainment and encourage the creativity. While so far this world of fantasy via filters only applied directly to you, it now applies also to the world surrounding you so that you can create more funny content and share it with your friends, or the world.