Social Network for Lovers Reaches 150,000 Brazilian Users

The Ohhtel, social network introduced in Brazil in July, has a lot to celebrate. With the proposal to offer a discrete space so users can meet people interested in casual sex, the site apparently fell to the Brazilian taste. About a month after its release, they celebrate no less than 150 000 registered. Brazil is second only to the United States in the number of participants in the social network.

This number was provided by Lais Ranna, responsible for operating national of Ohhtelin an interview to the magazine’s website Galileo. According to Lais, almost a million and a half Americans also joined the search for one through the internet lover.

With public of thousands of users, Ohhtel already traced profile who else resorts to seeking sex without commitment on the network. You’ve waited for this, but there you go: 66% men and 34% are women looking for a Ricardao. Users are young, because 39 years is the average age for men and 33 years on average for women.

Responding to the magazine, the executive said that there is no single case recorded of a novel that formed from Ohhtel. The site just helps keep marriages that already exist, she said – on the premise that when looking for sex outside the home, you meet yoursexual needs and do not bother to keep a marriage without intercoitais relations.

To use Ohhtel women do not pay anything. Men have to shell out a “tarifinha” (executive of the word) of R $ 60, which would ensure a “personal engagement” greater user with the opportunities that the site offers.