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South Carolina attracts with dreamlike beaches and the special flair of the southern states. Numerous historical buildings testify to the eventful past. South Carolina offers visitors a varied landscape with exotic fauna and flora and magical beaches. South Carolina’s excellent cuisine impresses with its mix of numerous influences. Walk in the footsteps of the historic southern states.

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Charleston is the second largest city in the state and was founded in 1670. Worth seeing are the many mansions such as Boone Hall, which was blown away by films like the wind and torches in the storm and became world famous. In addition to the Georgian villa, you can also visit the extensive gardens. On a foray through the city center, you can spoil your palate in the many small restaurants. The Creole cuisine is a colorful mix of the local Cajun cuisine with black African and Caribbean influences.

Only fresh ingredients such as crabs, shrimps, corn, beans and rice are used in the Southern style kitchen. Not far from Charleston is the Cypress Garden, an extensive complex with swamps and cypress forests. The park can be explored both by boat and on foot. Columbia is the capital of South Carolina and the largest city in the state. In the Congaree Vista district there are numerous houses built in typical southern architecture such as the Robert Mills House and the State House. A popular destination is the Congaree National Park, which is the last remaining old hardwood forest in the United States. The park was founded in 1976 and became a national park in 2003.

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There is no real winter in the South Carolina coastal region. Temperatures do not drop below 14 degrees all year round. The summer months of June, July and August are the warmest at around 30 degrees. In the north of the state, the temperatures are around 4 degrees below those of the coastal region.

Regular flights to Columbia depart from Germany. With a stopover in Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Washington or Philadelphia, you can easily bring different airlines to the capital of South Carolina.

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If you stroll on the Myrtle Beach Promenade, you can get a great overview of the almost 190m high Sky Wheel.


Experience the fantastic hiking and biking trails in the somewhat remote park, just under 70 km southwest of Charleston.


The Spoleto Festival is an international music, art and cultural event, originally from Italy.


Martin Luther King Junior wrote his famous speech – I Have a Dream – on the quiet island off Beaufort.

South Carolina Zip Codes