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South Dakota attracts with lonely landscapes, great nature, two national parks and numerous sights. Due to its remoteness, this state is a real insider tip. South Dakota once attracted a multitude of lucky knights, accompanied by hopes of winning the big gold quarry. The state owes its legendary reputation as the “Wild West” to the pioneering days of the 19th century. The gold mining towns that sprang up in the Black Hills area date from this period. Deadwood, the most famous of them all, was founded in 1875.

The landscape of the Black Hills is characterized by granite rocks, mountain forests and the gently rolling hills of the prairie. Much of it is covered by the Badlands National Park. Numerous leisure activities such as fishing, hiking or horse riding are available here. Near Keystone is the most famous landmark in the United States: the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, truly a monumental monument. It is named after New York lawyer Charles Rushmore, who had acquired gold mining rights in this area. From left to right, the four most emblematic US presidents are carved in stone: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

Another unfinished monument to Sioux chief Crazy Horse is also in the Back Hills, just 27 kilometers from Mount Rushmore. The Crazy Horse Memorial has been under construction since 1948. Once completed, the three-dimensional sculpture will be 172 meters high, 195 meters long and carved out of the mountain all around. It shows the Indian chief Crazy Horse sitting on a horse. The Jewel Cave National Monument is a 212 km long cave system, of which only about 10 percent has been discovered. The cave, whose walls are covered with a multitude of crystals, can be visited on a tour led by rangers. The Wind Cave National Park has a varied landscape,

Travel tips and best travel time
From Germany you can reach South Dakota’s capital Pierre, for example, with stops in Dallas and Denver in a flight time of around 17 hours. This can vary depending on the connection. The best time to visit South Dakota is from April to October, when the temperatures are a pleasant 20 to 25 ° C. Winters in this region can get very cold with -10 to -15 ° C.

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Discover the game reserve in the Black Hills consisting of 16 areas, which has an impressive flora and fauna.


The 18 meter high portraits with the most emblematic presidents in history is one of the most famous highlights of the USA.


You will find labyrinthine chamber systems, a honeycomb-like ceiling and crystals in this partly underground national park.


For millions of years, wind, rain and snow have been eroding the highlands of the national park into a spectacular natural setting.

South Dakota Zip Codes