Steffi by Wolff: “I Don’t Have to Like Dogs!”

You can chocolate, balmy summer evenings with Gin Tonic. Meryl Streep and goofy and even babies find the Caribbean not sweet but felt nothing as bad as the fact that like any dogs.

We go with this: A dog circling and sniffed me and if I say: “Take the dog”, comes in response not: “Yes of course, Wotan at foot”, but a huldvolles “doing nothing.” That may be so. But if I now times doesn’t like it, remember to be?

Yes, I can do very well without dogs

I admit it: I can do very well without dogs. Many are poorly educated and are humanized by their owners. I’m now unpopular, but I stand by them: dogs drool, systems for the whole Neighborhood, also likes on Sunday morning at 6: 30, unless the owner makes them clearly that now shut up is announced.

Dogs scratch parquet and when they fart it stinks to the Gotterbarmen, dogs make out everywhere, where you can do them out, not everyone gives away their legacies, and practically everyone knows how it is to step into a dog pile.

Very cute, I find it also in the winter, when once there is snow, which is colored yellow in many places. Since we know it otherwise looks like on the road. Exactly: Walking around in dog pee.

But there are Yes dogs and you need like that, against which one can say nothing. Why not? There is however the freedom of expression.

Steaming pile of poop bags

Then these owners who Shepherd the steamy, often very large in large dogs pile into a shit bag full of pride and then go on with this warm bag. Horror. Once stood at the bakery with a full bag next to me, a dog owner and it has stunk and sorry, I find that borderline.

Some dog owners go on the bag: for example the type “Wind & weather” (Kurzhaarfrisur, glasses, well bled through facial skin, multifunctional vest, outdoor trousers and tight-fitting shoes) that runs with brisk step by forest or Park. He conducted his dog looks or sharp, short whistles and watching the dogs proudly, if he brings good sticks. He wants you to praise him for his brilliant education and hopes for appreciative sets as: “Because someone has his four-legged friends in the grip but”. They say nothing, he’s subliminally offended.

Then there’s also this dog meetings, where masters and mistresses are yelping each other, but secretly everyone thinks that his dog is the best, which is similar to parents and children. These groups differ in ways no centimetres to the side and let through only ungracious.

And then these people are traveling with young dogs: “He’s so small,” they say, if the dog jumps on one. And when I say: “Call back now your dog”, I have already a “who likes no dogs, like no people” belongs.

Why not savvy dog owners, it works differently?

What is this? Where please is it written that I must like dogs and find it food if they jump on me or bark at or be drooling?

Why can dog owners not just to accept that you otherwise is ticking? I have to start no conversation about the great dog, I must donate also no praise and I should not benevolent “Oh yeah, that love dogs’ rays return, and that’s why I’m not a bad person.

I tolerate Yes there are dogs and that they have to live somewhere, but I would like to not be forced to do so, as I would find great.

And if anyone too aggressive right now-don’t worry, I’m quite harmless. I just want to play.

The author: Steffi von Wolff was long years in radio, before she brought out her first novel in 2003. Her latest work is called “Later started long ago”; It is about two women who let rip it up again correctly, before the inevitable happens.

Steffi von Wolff itself lets it RIP now almost only on writing. She is most at home and makes himself comfortable with red wine, a delicious meal-and a beautiful series!