Steve Alan Decides to Collaborate with Dockers in a Collection Capsule for This Autumn 2010

It seems that September will be the month of contributions. No doubt it’s a good month for shops, with important sales and especially the first contact of customers with collections of Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011, by what most firms put meats on the grill, as it is the case with Steve Alan, that has decided to collaborate with Dockers and present a collection of capsule, aside from the collections of the respective designers available in official Steve Alan stores and shops of the chain Barney.

It is a collection without much prominence because both firms have a taste much like the clothes as the two opt for khakis pants so famous did the signature Dockers and are directed in a style quite adventurous with garments comfortable, earthy tones and creams without being so denim as Levi ’ s, Pepe Jeans or Lee.

Its strong point are pants, that decides to venture out a little more and try with new colour ranges: Red, green, blue … something more narrow and apitillados with a touch more modern and urban. By contrast, shirts are still quite similar to which both firms offer, even if they are committed by the neutral tones and blues to give some freshness to the collection.

From my point of view, if you acercáis to a store and you see his catalogue of autumn, I think you could perfectly pass without even realizing you It is a partnership and not part of the planned of each of the contributors collection.