Strappy Bra: How to Use Fashionable Autumn/Winter?

Learn how to use the strappy bra in the fall, with matching blouses more closed.

The strappy bra is a bra that is here to stay in the female wardrobe. There are countless variations on the market, with cops in front, all on the back, straps that cross, colorful, just one color, embossed, etc. But all the models have a feature in common: let our look even more beautiful and with a modern style.

Although there are several types of bra straps, more women joined was the model of cops in front, thick or thin, but always with a geometric shape.

The bra strappy continues on the crest of the wave and the end of summer is no reason to not leave the lingerie on display!

But when the autumn coming? Who is in love with strappy bra will not need to leave the play, because the looks with the more urban footprint can be amazing if they are complemented with the cops showing up on the clothes.

We know that next season not so cold as in winter, but there is an increase in the incidence of the winds, the morning is marked by what we call mist or fog. Midwest regions, South and southeastern Brazil occurs a greater fall in temperature. So, the Cardigans, jackets, leather jackets, jeans and Plaid shirts, they become allies to prepare for climate change.

This season, looks very colorful are no longer used and open space for black, pastel and earthy and Brown. Therefore, the ideal is to bet on the strappy top with black straps. Regardless of which is the combination chosen by you, to get this color brings a sophistication to look, and can be used to slightly more formal occasions (as dinner) or even with the urban/casual style (like shopping).

Here are some looks inspired by

Strappy bra + LEATHER JACKET

To do this, the ideal is to bet on the thicker strips, leaving the look with a footprint more “rock”.

Strappy bra + SHIRT JEANS

The combination made with denim shirt is nice to use in days of leisure, you can choose to use the strappy overlaid on shirt or put a t-shirt underneath and use the shirt completely open.

Strappy bra + CARDIGAN

The jacket is a little more classic, more sophisticated look if combined with a jump! You can bet on a strappy, which have thinner strips, let out some details like income or transparency.


The knit sweaters were fashionable last fall, but it sure will keep giving the air of grace in this year. Some blouses are furadinhas, others the fabric has a slight transparency and nothing better than this kind of clothing to show lingerie. Dare in strappy bra!

The trick is you keep betting on strappy without fear. Just need to know how to assemble the look right, for the right occasion.