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Switzerland Resorts and Attractions

Switzerland is a state in Western Europe. Common borders in the north with Germany, in the south with Italy, in the west with France, in the east with Austria, Liechtenstein.

According to smb, the capital is Bern. The country has no access to the sea. Time is 2 hours behind Moscow time. Languages ​​- German, French, Italian, Romansh. Currency – Swiss franc. Religion – Catholicism, Protestantism. Population 7, 262 million people.

The name comes from the territory Schwyz (burn). Most of the country is located in the Alps. The climate is temperate, it changes with altitude. Temperature in winter +3*С, in summer +20*С. Time – Central European. Flight duration Moscow-Geneva – 4 hours, Moscow-Zurich – 3 hours 40 minutes.

It is traditionally a tourist country. Famous ski resorts – Davos, St. Moritz, Zermatt, Interlaken, Leukerbad. Russian citizens need a Schengen visa to enter the country.

Useful phone numbers
Embassy of Russia in Bern – Brunnadernrain, 37. tel.: 352-0566,
Aeroflot Representative Office in Geneva – Place Cornavin, 16, tel.: 909 -2770,
in Zurich – Ria Talacker 41, tel: 211-4633.

Telephone connection with Russia – 007 + area code + subscriber number
Telephone connection with Switzerland – 8 10 41 + area code ( 0 as the first digit is not dialed ) + subscriber number
Police – 117
Ambulance – 144 (free), 140 (paid)
Information – 111
Weather – 162 The
most convenient way to call is from payphones, which are located in all post offices.

A Swiss visa is required to enter the country.

Resorts and attractions in Switzerland

Switzerland is an example of a classic tourist country – elegant cities and famous resorts with cozy hotels, majestic mountains, pristine lakes and picturesque hillsides. Here, in a small space, all the beauties of nature and outstanding creations of human hands are concentrated.

Dry clean air of the Swiss Alps, picturesque surroundings and guaranteed peace have become the foundation of the famous resorts. Roman legionnaires knew about the ideal balance of salt, iodine and iron in the waters of thermal springs, which have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the stomach, liver and kidneys. People come here to get rid of stress and depression, allergies and overweight.

The railway system in Switzerland is as perfect as a Swiss watch. The airports of Zurich and Geneva are directly connected to the country’s railway system. Traveling in Switzerland is a real pleasure. Even the usually troublesome transfers turn into entertainment here.

Winter holidays in Davos. The beautiful Swiss Alps are dotted with many amazing resorts. Graubünden, the largest of the Swiss cantons, with a huge number of attractions and renowned ski resorts such as Davos. Sometimes all these resorts are called “the land of 150 valleys”.
Davos is a real winter paradise, a great place for winter holidays. It is considered the highest and largest Alpine ski resort, spread over five mountains.

The main ski destinations are: Parsenn, Jakobshorn, Rinerhorn, Madrissa, Klosters, Pischa. The range of skiing is huge. Wide open pistes are suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers. All the big exciting slopes are equipped with ski lifts accessible to everyone.
Davos is rich in its skiing, skating, sledding and snowboarding areas. On the slopes there are a large number of mountain restaurants offering to relax and refuel.
Mount Jakobshorn, or “Merry Mountain”, is loved by snowboarders from top to bottom. Those who want to improve their tricks can visit the Halfpipe and Pipe Monster, located on the ski area of ​​the mountain.

In addition to Mount Jakobshorn, Parsenn is surprisingly interesting. There are two tracks and a boardercross jump here. A very popular toboggan run is on the Rinerhorn. Individual and group lessons in skiing, snowboarding, off-piste lessons are available throughout Davos.

The city has two main centers with good transport links between them. Staying in luxury hotels with superior rooms allows you to make the most of the center of the ski resort. Davos is an exhilarating winter holiday destination.

In Zermatt Great opportunity for beginner riders. This is a legendary place that attracts the attention of a person in love with the mountains. Zermatt is surrounded by 29 mountain peaks. It has preserved the flavor of the Alpine village, turning into a famous year-round resort of international importance. Cars are prohibited here and horse teams and electric vehicles are used. The ski slopes of Zermatt are combined with the slopes of the Italian Cervinia. This increases the number of tracks to 300 km.
There are also trails for cross country skiing and hiking. There are skating rinks, tennis courts and a sports complex with a swimming pool, a riding school and helicopter flights.

To Schaffhausen, located in the northern part of Switzerland, travelers come who want to admire the Rhine waterfall, walk along the old streets or try local original fish dishes. The main city attraction is the majestic Rainfall waterfall. It can be observed from special overhanging terraces or from a special platform.

Saas-Fee – a resort for all tastes, which suits all categories of skiers and snowboarders. The pride of Saas-Fee is the aerial cable car, which takes you to the Felskin Glacier in a few minutes. Also, as an alternative to sports recreation, this ski resort offers to visit the local history museum, the museum of bread baking, restaurants and bars.

arosa – a classic ski resort in the best Swiss traditions. Arosa is located at an altitude of 1800 m in a valley surrounded by mountains. Arosa is a resort with a curative climate. The city hosts festivals, concerts and competitions every week. It is forbidden to use personal transport from midnight to 6 am. The world’s first railway arch bridge was built here.

St. Moritz-Bad – slopes mainly for the experienced. Magnificent view of the surrounding mountain landscape.

Interesting facts

The Latin name of the country is Confoederatio Helvetica, it is used in the Swiss currency, on car numbers, in the name of the Swiss.ch domain. Postage stamps use the Latin name Helvetia – Helvetia.

Switzerland is a special country. You can come here endlessly, each time discovering something new. Nature generously endowed this small country where snow-capped mountains give way to flowering meadows and clear lakes, mountain rivers, glaciers and palm trees. Here everyone can choose a holiday to their taste – wander through the ancient meadows, relax by the lake or go in for sports. Here you can rediscover yourself.

Tradition says: when God distributed the wealth of the bowels of the earth, he did not have enough of them for a tiny country in the heart of Europe. To correct such an injustice, he endowed this small country with marvelous beauty: he gave mountains that look like heavenly castles, sparkling white glaciers, singing waterfalls, crystal-clear lakes, bright fragrant valleys.

Switzerland is a picturesque country that speaks many languages ​​and combines several cultures. It is located in the place where all the roads of the continent intersect. Here, as if in focus, international air, road and rail routes converge, which allows you to get to Switzerland from any major European city in a matter of hours.

Switzerland is a paradise, said Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain during her visit to Bern. Switzerland – Europe in miniature. It has gathered within its borders all the captivating contrasts inherent in our continent, offering the attention and feelings of the traveler a rare combination of natural and man-made sights. Due to the compactness of the country and the impeccable operation of public transport, all this can be easily seen during even a short vacation.

The largest rivers in Switzerland – the Rhine and the Rhone, as well as the Aar, Ticino, Inn, Reis, Limmat form beautiful lakes along their entire path. There are more than 200 of them in Switzerland. The largest are Lake Geneva (582 sq. km), Constance (541 sq. km), km), as well as Lake Lucerne (414 sq. km).

Currently, Switzerland retains the international status of a neutral state. The country’s neutrality has attracted many international organizations to its territory, such as the World Health Organization and the United Nations. Years of peace and stability have helped Switzerland become a thriving global financial center.

The network of railways and bus routes is well developed.

To receive a VAT refund (8%), you must make a purchase of at least 400 Swiss francs.

It is allowed to bring into the country no more than 2 liters of low-alcohol drinks, a block of cigarettes, or 50 cigars, or 250 g of tobacco.

Switzerland Resorts