Tabs Synchronization Via iCloud is Coming in Safari

It’s been some time that Google placed on Chrome the ability to sync open tabs in a browser instance and open in others, something that has been extended to the Android version when it was released. Mozilla followed the fashion and implemented this functionality in Firefox, which also came to Android. And the next company to adopt something in your browser may well be Apple.

At least that’s what indicates the new version of OS X Moutain Lion, which was made ​​available to developers on Monday. The new preview of the system comes with a feature called iCloud Safari Tab Syncing, which will save the open tabs in Apple’s cloud service and allow them to be opened in another Mac or other iOS device with browser support. Obviously there is no forecast for when this feature will come in the company’s mobile devices.

Like Safari is also available for Windows and Apple has already released some iCloud features for Microsoft’s system (such as the photo stream and syncing Safari bookmarks), it is likely that the computer owners with the system are not left out. But there is a date for it to be available on that platform yet, even for this functionality seems to be just testing for now.

This at least shows that Apple may even be delayed functionality to your browser, but is keeping an eye on what the competition has done in the area lately.

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