China Population

China Population

On the demographic trend the natural factor has always had very strong effects, and in particular the climatic elements are responsible not only for the floods (and therefore for famines and even very large population decreases), for the progressive migrations towards S, during periods of accentuated aridity. Over the centuries there have been very alternating […]

The World Pyramid 1

The World as a Pyramid Part I

In the summer of 2014, there have been a number of UN reports on global poverty and inequality. They say that the first and most famous of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals has already been reached before 2015. The proportion of poor people has been halved since 1990, and heads of state from our part […]

Refugees during the Korean War

Storm over Korea Part I

On March 26, 2010, the naval vessel “Cheonan” suddenly sank near the informal sea border between North and South Korea. 46 South Korean soldiers followed in the depths. South Korean President Lee Myung Bak has set up an international commission of inquiry. It determined that the ship had been sunk by a North Korean torpedo. […]

President Xi Jinping has given Chinese football a kick

China and Football Part I

In the 18th century, China was a great power – measured both by population and cultural and economic weight. Industrialization in Europe and the subsequent colonization contributed to China’s “lost century” between approx. 1850 and approx. 1950. Today, China has a population of 1.35 billion and has enjoyed formidable economic growth since the 1980s. China […]

The 2008 Olympics were a success for China

China and Football Part II

6: Big changes in a short time To speed up football in China, a number of concrete measures have been proposed : establishing 0.5–0.7 football pitches per 10,000 inhabitants, each local community must have at least two football pitches open to all, doubling the number of football referees and establishing amateur leagues in 100 Chinese […]

China - Growth at Any Cost 3

China – Growth at Any Cost? Part III

Fortunately, it may seem that something is about to happen. In the Chinese media, there is great openness about environmental problems in general and environmental scandals that, when acute discharges kill large amounts of fish and other life. Information about 459 cancer villages in China with a large frequency of cancer cases is something that […]

China - Growth at Any Cost 2

China – Growth at Any Cost? Part II

People who live where it is dense with tiny particles have a greater tendency than others to develop COPD, a serious lung disease. Excess mortality has been demonstrated both during periods of particularly strong air pollution and as a result of long-term pollution. Using such results, a larger study (for the World Bank, 2007) concluded […]

China - Growth at Any Cost 1

China – Growth at Any Cost? Part I

The Chinese economy has grown by about 10 percent annually since 1980. The growth has lifted hundreds of millions of Chinese people out of poverty. The downside of the rapid growth is large social and regional differences as well as enormous environmental problems. The problems have become so great that the Chinese have reacted in […]

What determines the oil price 1

What determines the oil price? Part I

The oil price is important for the Norwegian petroleum industry, central government revenues, the size of the Petroleum Fund (Government Pension Fund Global) and thus for the Norwegian economy and its inhabitants in general. Internationally, oil is an important input factor in most countries’ economic activities and is the single commodity in international trade with […]

The Treaty of Versailles

The World after the Pandemic Part II

Democratic governments, however, have shown executive power on an equal footing with authoritarian regimes such as China. According to LOCALTIMEZONE, The explanation is precisely a high degree of democracy and trust. In the Nordic countries, people have trusted that the recommendations from the authorities are correct and important and behaved accordingly. Several less democratic countries […]

The World after the Pandemic

The World after the Pandemic Part I

Major wars are turning the world upside down, and international crises are creating enormous changes. Now we are in the middle of a new dramatic event: What can we expect after the corona pandemic? What characterized the world when the pandemic broke out? How have previous crises changed the world? Which trends are strengthened? And […]

South Korea

The Countries of East Asia

The largest country is China, whose landscape is diverse and is criss-crossed by mountains, plateaus, hilly countries and deserts. The mountains include the Altai Mountains, the Daba Mountains, the Helan Mountains and the Taihang Mountains. The most important rivers in China include the 6,400 km long Yangtze River, which is the longest in Asia, the […]

China Agriculture

China Agriculture

China is bordered to the east by the Yellow Sea , East China Sea and South China Sea with Hainan Island. Land borders exist with North Korea and Russia (northeast), Mongolia (north), Kazakhstan , Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan (northwest), Afghanistan (Wakhan), Pakistan and India (west) as well as Nepal , Bhutan , India , Myanmar , […]

China Theater Genres 2

China Theater Genres

The theater arose from ancient religious ceremonies. Songs and dances were part of ritual events that took place mainly during the seasonal festivals. Later there was a real court theater (starting from the Han) and popular forms of representation, with the development of burlesque, heroic themes, etc. From ceramic figurines of acrobats and musicians dating […]

China Music

China Music

According to legend, the Chinese musical system was conceived by Ling Lun (during the reign of the great emperor Huangdi, ca.2700 BC), who established the huang-chung (yellow bell), a fundamental note, of absolute pitch. strictly established. The other notes were built on this sound by successive superimposition of perfect fifths, thus arriving at a circle […]

China Cinema 2

China Cinema Part II

CULTURE: CINEMA. THE EVOLUTION OF CINEMATOGRAPHY Since the end of 1976 a new period of liberalization (under the pressure of American “genres”) and modernization (due to the evolution of television techniques) has also opened in cinema. Much of the production is occupied by “socialist melodrama”, which under conventional schemes often reveals the crisis of a […]

China Cinema 1

China Cinema Part I

According to, China is a country located in eastern Asia. The Dianying, or “electric shadows”, appeared in China in 1896: a documentary Lumière nell’intermezzo of a variety show in Shanghai. They arrived in Beijing later, in 1902. The country opened up as a large market to Western businessmen: a Spaniard set up the first […]

China Religion

China Religion

The Chinese national religion – or perhaps religions, with reference to the different dynasties – is essentially based on the cult of ancestors and on the conception of a sacred sovereignty, personified on the divine level by a Supreme Being and on the human level by the ruling dynasty. These are the foundations that support […]

China Philosophy 2

China Philosophy Part II

What is true for Confucius, that is, referring to specific concepts, to easily memorable formulas, is true for all Chinese thinkers, especially up to the Wei period (3rd century AD), for all those founders of schools who have precisely provided the bases of speculation not only philosophical and political, but medical and scientific (calculation, construction […]

China Philosophy 1

China Philosophy Part I

According to, China is a country located in eastern Asia. It was during the lesser known period in the history of China that philosophical thought had its greatest development. In the sec. V-III a. C., described by indigenous historians as a time of anarchy and which instead must be considered as one of the […]

China Science 3

China Science Part III

XIII (i.e. in the period of the maximum creative expansion of the social forces of Chinese civilization) had probably reached a level of knowledge higher than that of medieval Europe and the Arab world itself, subsequently he was unable for philosophical, political and social reasons to operate those theoretical syntheses which in the Western world […]

China Science 2

China Science Part II

VI of the great Imperial Canal, designed and built by Yuwen Khai and Ken Hsun under the Sui dynasty, after numerous irrigation and transport collectors had been built for about a millennium to serve regions as large as northern Italy, the discovery of the hydraulic principles of the operation of “Leonardo” type locks since the […]

China Science 1

China Science Part I

CULTURE: SCIENCE By Chinese science we generally only mean the traditional outfit of Chinese civilization before the encounter with the Western world and in this sense the term will be used in the present entry, even if the contribution that can be given to the life of man and the development of society with general […]