Czech Republic Geography

Czech Republic Geography and Population

Czech Republic – geography Czech Republic consists of the regions Čechy (see also Bohemia) and Morava (see also Moravia) and is surrounded by mountains. Population Almost 95% of the good 10.2 mill. residents are Czechs and mothers. At the 2001 census, 193,000 residents indicated Slovak, 52,000 Polish and 39,000 German nationality. There are also small […]

Sights of Czech Republic

Sights of Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a country located in Central Europe. After several decades of communism, in which it formed the Republic of Czechoslovakia together with Slovakia, the country is developing rapidly. Towns and villages that fell into disrepair during the communist era have almost all been restored to their former glory. A fine example of […]

Czech Republic Visa

Czech Republic Visa, Embassy, Holidays and Shopping

Embassy in Czech Republic Czech Republic, embassy in Moscow Julius Fuchik, 12/14, Mayakovskaya metro station. Telephone (495) 251-05-40, 251-05-41, 251-05-42, 251-05-43 – answering machine, (495) 251-05-44, 251-05-45 – operator Fax. (495) 253-92-82 Appointment for applying for a visa: Short-term visa – (495) 789-95-12 Long-term visa – (495) 974-99-32 Monday – Friday: 9.00 – 11.00 – […]

Czech Republic History

Czech Republic History

According to localcollegeexplorer, the Czech Republic was born, at the same time as the Slovak Republic, on 1 January 1993, following the dissolution of Czechoslovakia, the final stage of the political and social crisis that had hit the country after the fall of the communist regime. In the context of this crisis, the traditional contrasts […]

Sights of the Czech Republic

Sights of the Czech Republic

According to Indexdotcom, Prague is deservedly considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Today, there are more than 500 towers in the city, and this despite the fact that at the beginning of the 19th century there were only 103 of them, in honor of which the city received the name “City […]

Czech Republic Politics

Czech Republic Politics and Economy

Government and politics Founding principles The Czech Republic is a parliamentary democracy, whose Constitution as well as the Charter of Fundamental Freedoms and Rights (an integral part of the Magna Carta of the Czech Republic) were ratified on December 16, 1992, and entered into force on January 1, 1993. Civil law is based on the Austro-Hungarian (former […]

Czech Literature

Czech Literature

Modern and avant-garde According to Globalsciencellc, the Czech literature of the 20th century followed the currents of Western European literature and achieved, v. a. after the establishment of the Czechoslovak state (1918), increasing international attention. In addition to the direction of »progress« around František Václav Krejčí (* 1867, † 1941) and the environmental description of […]

Třebíč (World Heritage)

World Heritage Sites in Czech Republic

World Heritage Sites Historic Center of Prague (Praha) (1992) Historic Center of Český Krumlov (Český Krumlov) (1992) Historical center of Telč (Telč) (1992) St. John of Nepomuk pilgrimage church in Zelená Hora (Grüneberg) (1994) Historic center of Kutná Hora and St. Mary’s Church in Sedlec (1995) Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape (Eisgrub-Feldsberg) (1996) Historic village of Holašovice […]

Czech Republic Wildlife

Czech Republic Wildlife and Economy

Animals and Plants What is growing in the Czech Republic? About a third of the Czech Republic is covered by forest. Above all beech, spruce, oak, pine and fir trees grow. However, the country’s national tree is the linden. Untouched forest still grows in the Peklo, a valley in northern Bohemia. In particular, you can […]