India Brief History

India Brief History

It is often said that India is not a country but a continent. From north to south and from east to west, people and languages ​​differ. Just like customs and traditions. There are few countries in the world that are as diversified as India. A trip in the country gives memories for life and leaves […]

The World Pyramid 2

The World as a Pyramid Part II

6: Where do the poorest live? The new UN goals look not only at countries as a whole, but also at differences within countries. In one state in India, 80 percent are poor, in another it is not much more than 10 percent. In this country, with an explosive technological development and modern ICT sector, […]

India Election 2014 2

India Election 2014 Part II

5: An overwhelming victory The victory for BJP and Modi was overwhelming. The BJP won more than half of the seats in parliament, and 31 percent of the votes nationwide. Despite the fact that the party in many constituencies did not stand for election due to the alliance with other parties. In many of the […]

India Election 2014 1

India Election 2014 Part I

In May 2014, there were elections in India, the world’s largest democracy . Of about 834 million eligible voters, 554 million (66 percent) voted for who should sit in parliament and who should become prime minister. There was only one clear prime ministerial candidate: the highly controversial politician Narendra Modi of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya […]