Iran after the 2009 Election 3

Iran after the 2009 Election Part 3

The rulers of Iran will probably not in the long run be able to stagnate the uprising that is already going on against the regime and the republic. The tug of war between authoritarian and pro-reform forces will persist and ride the Islamic Republic like a mare. This development will weaken the republic’s governing capacity. […]

Iran after the 2009 Election 1

Iran after the 2009 Election Part 1

The dramatic events surrounding the presidential election in Iran on June 12 this year have radically changed the political situation in the country. Never before in the history of the 30-year-old republic have there been such large-scale demonstrations against the regime. The events after the election have created a deep divide in a country where […]

Central Asia between Bark and Wood 3

Central Asia between Bark and Wood Part III

6: Energy and great power games Central Asia is rich in natural resources – especially large oil and gas deposits in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan call for foreign interest. The central location near Afghanistan also gives the region great military strategic importance . Both global and regional powers are trying to strengthen their position. At the […]

What determines the oil price 3

What determines the oil price? Part III

With state control over most of the world’s capacity for oil exports, the countries in OPEC were given increased opportunities to regulate production volume (volumes) and price in the market. After the war between Israel and Arab countries in 1973, the OPEC countries, under the leadership of Saudi Arabia and the country’s oil minister Sheikh […]

Persian Gardens (World Heritage)

World Heritage Sites in Iran Part I

According to hyperrestaurant, Iran suffers from a lack of water. The causes are global warming, frequent droughts and heavy water abstraction for large cities and irrigated agriculture. Rivers are drying up and lakes are shrinking with increasing frequency. Tapped groundwater causes the ground to sink in the Tehran area. The stock of sturgeon in the […]

Iran Culture

Iran Culture

Neolithic urban cultures on the soil of today’s Iran (Iranian art) formed the basis for the ancient oriental Elamite culture and Median art , which developed in close contact with neighboring Mesopotamia and Babylonia. The main testimonies are the step temples (zikcurrat) and palace complexes made of adobe bricks, for example in Susa. The Persian […]

Armenian monasteries in Iran (world heritage)

World Heritages in Iran Part II

Historical bazaar in Tabriz (World Heritage) The city of Tabriz on the Silk Road has been a place of cultural exchange since ancient times. The focus: the historical bazaar. It consists of covered buildings that are connected to each other. He achieved his greatest fame from the 13th to the end of the 18th century. […]

Tacht-e Soleiman Archaeological Site (World Heritage)

World Heritages in Iran Part I

Bisutun (world heritage) The rock relief from the 6th century BC Was by Darius I around 520 BC. Commissioned. The trilingual – Old Persian, Elamite and Babylonian – inscription reports on the rise and victories of Darius. It played a crucial role in deciphering the cuneiform script. Bisutun: facts Official title: Bisutun Cultural monument: Archaeological […]

Persepolis Ruins (World Heritage)

Persepolis Ruins (World Heritage)

Persepolis is considered a unique testimony to ancient Persian culture. The city was founded by Darius I (522 – 486 BC) and was the capital of the Achaemenid Empire for a long time. The palaces, temples and other buildings were on an artificial terrace. Persepolis was founded in 330 BC. Destroyed by Alexander the great. […]