Iraq Agriculture

Iraq Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry

According to aristmarketing, Iraq is a country located in the Middle East, bordering Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. It has a population of approximately 39 million people and an area of 437,072 square kilometers. The official language is Arabic and the currency is the Iraqi Dinar. Iraq has a rich cultural heritage that […]

Iraq Geography

Iraq Geography and Population

Iraq (Geography) Iraq’s borders run predominantly through uninhabited and impassable areas, and most are disputed. The former neutral territory on the border with Saudi Arabia in the south was divided between the two countries in 1967. Negotiations against Iran are bounded by the Euphrates-Tigris river valley by the Zagros Mountains, which rise steeply from the […]

Iraq Basic Information

Iraq Basic Information

Basic data Capital Baghdad Population 39,650,145 Language Arabic, Kurdish Religion Islam 95-98% (Shia 61-64%, Sunni 29-34%), Christianity 1%, others 1-4% State system federal parliamentary republic Head of State President Barham Salih Head of government Prime Minister Mustafa Kazimi Currency name Iraqi dinar Travel Time shift +1 hour (summer time), +2 hours (winter time) Economy 2021 […]

Iraq Economy

Iraq Economy

Subchapters: Basic data Public finances and the state budget Banking system Tax system Basic data Due to Iraq’s continued dependence on oil (over the last decade, oil revenues accounted for 42% of Iraq’s GDP, 85% of the government budget and 99% of the country’s exports), the Iraqi economy was positively affected by rising oil prices […]

IRAQ State Flag

Iraq State Facts

  CAPITAL Baghdad STATE STRUCTURE Parliamentary republic INTERNAL DIVISION Federal state, divided into 18 provinces (governances). SQUARE 435,052 km² CLIMATE Subtropical in the north and tropical in the south OFFICIAL LANGUAGE Arabic and Kurdish CURRENCY Iraqi dinar POPULATION more than 37 million NATIONAL COMPOSITION Arabs – more than 75%, Kurds – more than 15%, Assyrians, […]

Baghdad, Iraq History

Baghdad, Iraq History and Government

History Although its Persian origin is not disputed, there are several proposals regarding its etymology. The most reliable and most accepted among them is that the name comes from Middle Persian, and is composed of Bag “god” + dād “donated”, translating as “donated by God” or “the gift of God”, in modern Persian Baɣdād. Another […]

The Powerful Militias in Iraq 1

The Powerful Militias in Iraq Part 2

The invasion in 2003 led to a significant weakening of the security situation in Iraq. The militias have primarily arisen as a consequence of the invasion, and state security forces say the inability to protect their own civilian population. A major challenge for the Iraqi state has been to provide public services that Iraqis depend […]

Iraq from Tyranny to Chaos 3

Iraq: from Tyranny to Chaos Part 3

5: Civil War The bombing of the Samarrah Mosque and the retaliatory actions that followed were not the starting point for the gloomy situation in Iraq. They were triggered by an occupation and circumstances that had gradually built up. According to the Iraqi government, 12,230 people were killed in Iraq in 2006, half of them […]

Iraq from Tyranny to Chaos 2

Iraq: from Tyranny to Chaos Part 2

However, it was groups with holy war as ideology that were responsible for the first and most spectacular actions (the attack on the Jordanian embassy and on the UN headquarters in August 2003). A fundamental problem was the lack of control over Iraq’s borders, and foreign, young men were responsible for or contributed to these […]

Iraq from Tyranny to Chaos 1

Iraq: from Tyranny to Chaos Part 1

February 22, 2006 was a turning point in Iraq. Bombs – probably placed by extremist Sunni Arabs – destroyed the gold-plated Shiite Muslim shrine (mosque) in Samarra. Shia Muslims had been victims of bombings since the fall of 2003; this was the attack that caused patience to burst. They launched retaliatory actions against Sunni Arab […]

Referendum in Iraq 3

Referendum in Iraq Part 3

8: Battle theme It says a lot about the political climate in Iraq that only a few issues in the constitution have been the subject of extensive debate. With regard to the role of religion, the competing Islamist groups (both Shia and Sunni Muslims) have largely tried to outdo each other in a fundamentalist direction. […]

Referendum in Iraq 2

Referendum in Iraq Part 2

5: An authoritarian past Many constitutions have acquired their distinctive character because they seek to address specific problems in the political history of individual countries. Some countries have experienced that concentration of power can threaten democracy , while others have seen that power pulverization can create paralysis of action and risky fragmentation. The constitutions that […]

Referendum in Iraq 1

Referendum in Iraq Part 1

On October 15, there will be a referendum in Iraq on a new constitution. Many see this as a milestone in the establishment of a new democracy after Saddam Hussein’s dictatorial regime was overthrown in 2003. What particular challenges have the Iraqis faced in working on a new constitution? Which points in the draft constitution […]