Israel and Gaza 2

Israel and Gaza Part 2

6: The background to the war against Gaza After the election victory in 2006, Hamas controlled the Palestinian parliament. The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas of the Fatah party, was elected in 2005 and without a counter-candidate from Hamas, following the death of Yassir Arafat in 2004. Leading representatives of the international community had demanded that […]

Israel and Gaza 1

Israel and Gaza Part 1

On December 27, 2008, the Israeli army attacked the Gaza Strip. 90 warplanes dropped over 100 tons of explosives over about 100 different targets. Within minutes, 225 people were killed and over 700 injured. Israel wanted to make it impossible for the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas to fire rockets into Israel. Both the rocket bearings […]

Palestinians and Israelis 3

Palestinians and Israelis Part 3

6: Occupation and illegal settlements “If the Arab states go to war against us and we win over them, why should we commit ourselves?” Said David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister. During the Six Day War in 1967, Israel conquered East Jerusalem and the West Bank in the east, Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula […]

Palestinians and Israelis 2

Palestinians and Israelis Part 2

Hamas’ election winner exposed a sore point in Palestinian politics. It was the PLO that had entered into the Oslo Accords and recognized Israel. Hamas is not part of the PLO. How could the PLO claim to represent all Palestinians as long as what turned out to be the largest Palestinian party in elections is […]

Palestinians and Israelis 1

Palestinians and Israelis Part 1

The conflict between Palestinians and Israelis has been going on for decades. It is currently back in one of its more contentious phases. After the recent events, many will also say that the Oslo process is over – that the positive period marked by a certain amount of trust between the parties is over. What […]

Incense Route and Desert Cities in the Negev (World Heritage)

World Heritage Sites in Israel Part II

Biblical Settlements (World Heritage) The history of the three settlements in the Negev desert, like the approximately 200 other places, is closely linked to the Bible. The ruins document the long history of settlement in the region, which was an important link between Egypt and Mesopotamia. Biblical Settlements: Facts Official title: Biblical Settlements – Megiddo, […]

Baha'i Sacred Sites (World Heritage)

World Heritage Sites in Israel Part I

Beth Shearim Necropolis: a landmark of Jewish renewal (World Heritage) Beth Shearim, located between Haifa and Nazareth and now designated as an Israeli National Park, developed into the most important Jewish burial site outside Jerusalem after the suppression of the Bar Kochba uprising against the Romans in 135 AD. The ancient site of Beth Shearim, […]

Jerusalem (World Heritage)

Jerusalem (World Heritage)

Jerusalem is the holy city of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is one of the most troubled places in the world and has been on the Red List of World Heritage since 1982. The old city of Jerusalem is divided into the Muslim, Armenian, Jewish and Christian quarters. Significant architectural monuments include the city wall […]