Kazakhstan State Facts

  CAPITAL On March 20, 2019, after Nursultan Nazarbayev left the post of President of Kazakhstan, the country’s parliament adopted a bill to rename Astana to Nur-Sultan STATE STRUCTURE Presidential republic INTERNAL DIVISION The republic is divided into 14 regions and two cities of republican significance. Baikonur has a special status. SQUARE 2,724,900 km² CLIMATE […]

Central Asia between Bark and Wood 3

Central Asia between Bark and Wood Part III

6: Energy and great power games Central Asia is rich in natural resources – especially large oil and gas deposits in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan call for foreign interest. The central location near Afghanistan also gives the region great military strategic importance . Both global and regional powers are trying to strengthen their position. At the […]

Mausoleum of Choja Achmed Jasawi (World Heritage)

World Heritage Sites in Kazakhstan

According to ehealthfacts, Kazakhstan is a country in Central Asia and, to a small extent, in Eastern Europe. The country has (2018) 18.3 million residents; The capital is Nursultan. Western Tian Shan (World Heritage) The Tian Shan is a mighty floe mountain in Central Asia. The numerous, parallel mountain ranges extend for around 2500 kilometers […]

Kazakhstan Travel Advice

Kazakhstan Travel Advice

General travel information for Kazakhstan Continent: Asia Geographical location: Central Asia, exactly in the middle of Eurasia Highest elevation: Belucha (4,506 m) Longest river: Irtysh (1700 km) Form of government: Republic System of Government: Presidential system Languages: Kazakh, Russian Neighboring countries: Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan Capital: Astana Area: 2,724,900 km² Residents: 17,753,200 (as of […]