Nauru Geography

Nauru Geography and Population

OFFICIAL NAME: Republic of Nauru CAPITAL CITY: Yaren POPULATION: 9378 (2011) AREA: 21 km² OFFICIAL LANGUAGE (S): Nauru, English RELIGION: Protestants 66%, Catholics 33%, others 1% COIN: Australian dollars CURRENCY CODE: AUD ENGLISH NAME: Nauru INDEPENDENCE: 1968 POPULATION COMPOSITION: Nauruan 60%, others (Micronesians, Chinese, Australians, etc.) 40% GDP PER residents: 3450 $ (2007) LIFE EXPECTANCY: […]

Nauru History

Nauru History and Politics

History The events prior to its colonization at the end of the 19th century are little known due to the lack of written sources and the almost absence of archaeological data. Subsequent events are closely linked to the history of its only wealth: phosphate. Nauru comprehensive information can be found on simplyyellowpages. It was probably initially populated by […]