New Zealand Geography

New Zealand Geography and Population

New Zealand – geography New Zealand is a mountainous country with an extremely rich and varied nature. The South Island is dominated by one longitudinal mountain range, Southern Alps, with Mount Cook (3765 m), the country’s highest mountain. Large areas are uninhabited and rather untouched natural landscapes, but many plains at different heights are used […]

Landmarks of New Zealand

Landmarks of New Zealand

New Zealand is named after the Dutch province of Zeeland. The country is called Aotearoa in Maori. The country was discovered at the end of 1642 by the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman, who then thought he was dealing with the south of South America. New Zealand is one of the most isolated countries in the […]

New Zealand Economy

New Zealand Economy

Banking system (major banks and insurance companies) The banking system is controlled by the central bank (The Reserve Bank of NZ). The banking system is legally regulated by The Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989 and The Banking Act 1982 and some other laws. After the deregulation of the banking system, New Zealand has […]

New Zealand Visa

New Zealand Visa, Embassy, Holidays and Shopping

VISAS, ENTRY RULES, CUSTOMS REGULATIONS in New Zealand Russian citizens wishing to visit New Zealand require a visa. To obtain it, you must submit to the embassy (or consular department) the following documents: – Passport, which expires no earlier than 3 months after the date of application. – a completed application form in English with […]

New Zealand Resorts

New Zealand Resorts and Attractions

New Zealand (Long white cloud) is a state in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The islands were discovered in 1642. The main territory of the country is made up of two islands, South and North. According to smb, the capital is Wellington. Dutch cartographers named the islands Nova Zeelandia after one of the provinces of the […]

Education of New Zealand

Economy and Education of New Zealand

Economy of New Zealand New Zealand is one of the most economically developed countries. GDP per capita approx. 20 thousand US dollars (according to the purchasing power parity of the currency, 2002). GDP growth rates are low (1-3% per year), but quite stable. Most of the population is employed in the service sector: 27% – […]

New Zealand History

New Zealand State Overview

New Zealand is a country in Oceania that is located in the southwest Pacific Ocean, southeast of Australia. It is made up of two large islands, the North Island and the South Island, along with other smaller islands, among them Stewart Island and the Chatham Islands. This island nation is bordered to the north and east by the South Pacific, to the west by […]

New Zealand

Working and Living in New Zealand

Labor market Some of the vacancies are filled through recruitment agencies, employment agencies, personnel consultants – list of certified, approved consultants. Vacancies are advertised in daily newspapers, specialist magazines and on the Internet. According to countryvv, the construction industry is currently booming, which is why there is an increasing need for skilled workers. Labor shortages […]

New Zealand Travel Advice

New Zealand Travel Advice

General travel information for New Zealand Continent / continent: Australia / Oceania Geographic location: southeast of Australia in the Pacific Highest elevation: Mount Cook, (3724 m above sea level) Longest river: Waikato River (425 km) Form of government: parliamentary monarchy System of Government: parliamentary democracy Languages: English, Māori Neighboring Countries: Island nation, the closest neighboring […]

Auckland New Zealand

New Zealand Attractions

New Zealand is a fantastic country that offers lots of different and special experiences. New Zealand is divided into two islands: the North Island and the South Island. On the two islands there are a lot of areas and cities, all of which offer something different and the cities are almost sights in themselves. New […]