Palau Geography

Palau Geography and Population

OFFICIAL NAME: Belu’u er a Belau (Republic of Palau) CAPITAL CITY: Koror POPULATION: 20000 (2005) AREA: 488 km² OFFICIAL LANGUAGE (S): Palauan, English, others RELIGION: Catholics 38%, Protestants 25%, Indigenous religions 27%, others 10% COIN: US dollars CURRENCY CODE: USD ENGLISH NAME: Palau INDEPENDENCE: 1994 POPULATION COMPOSITION: Palauans 75%, Filipinos 16%, Chinese 3%, others 6% […]

History in Palau

History in Palau

According to topschoolsintheusa, the first inhabitants appeared on the Palau Islands about 4 thousand years ago, they were immigrants from the eastern part of Indonesia. A tribal system prevailed here, where the main role was assigned to the leaders, with elements of matriarchy, when money and property were inherited through the female line. The Spaniards […]

Palau History

Palau History and Economy

Palau is a group of islands located in the Pacific Ocean, they belong to Oceania and have about 22,000 residents. They are about 500 km east of the Philippines and became independent from the United States in 1994. Palau comprehensive information can be found on simplyyellowpages. History The early history of the Palau (Belau) is largely veiled in mystery. Why, how and when people came […]