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Transportation Traveling by plane According to top-medical-schools, Tarom (RO), the main Romanian airline with a hub in Bucharest, connects Bucharest with most major cities in Romania. Carpatair (V3) is based in Timisoara and flies to various Romanian cities from there. In Romania, Blue Air (0B) has bases in Bucharest, Bacau, Cluj-Napoca and Iasi and flies […]

Romania Encyclopedia for Children

Romania Encyclopedia for Children

Romania Between Latin heritage and Gypsy culture A composite and fragmented territory and a troubled history have hindered the formation of Romania as a unitary nation and have long isolated it from Western Europe, with which it had had ancient and important relations, as evidenced by the language. Through a difficult, delicate and controversial process […]

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Romania is the seventh country in the European Union according to its population, the ninth according to its area and the second in Eastern Europe. It has a privileged geographical location that favors trade. The Danube River is part of the southern border of the country. Bucharest is the capital city of Romania according to itypejob. It is located in southeastern Europe, […]

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Romania’s German Elections Part III

6: Agriculture – Romania’s largest resource The key to progress in Romania lies in agriculture , and a national commitment there is crucial for economic development. About half of Romania’s 20 million people live in rural areas, but few young people settle there. Rather, they move from there. It is especially young people with a […]

Romania Travel Advice

Romania Travel Advice

General travel information for Romania Continent: Europe Geographical location: Southeast Europe, north of the Balkans, located in the northern hemisphere Highest elevation: Moldoveanu (2544 m above sea level) Longest river: Danube (1300 km) Form of government: Republic System of government: Semi-presidential system of government Languages: Romanian, Hungarian Neighboring countries: Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, […]

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Animals and Plants What is growing in Romania? Almost a third (27 percent) of Romania is covered by forest. In the lower layers oaks dominate the picture, but there are also maple trees, plane trees, willows and linden trees. Beeches grow more and more from a height of 400 meters. There are also elms, ash […]