United Kingdom Literature

ANGLO-SAXON LITERATURE (C. 650-1100) There is a gap, both linguistic and cultural, between Anglo-Saxon literature (ca. 650-1100), Middle English literature (ca. 1100-1500) and modern English. The first is written in a synthetic language, belonging to the West Germanic group of Indo-European languages, closer to German than to modern English. It was profoundly modified in the […]

Elections in the UK

Elections in the UK Part III

5: Towards the end of Labour’s heyday? When this year’s election is held, Labor has been in power for almost thirteen years. It started with a landslide on May 1, 1997. The young and charismatic Tony Blair was then heard among voters for the manifesto on “New Labor”, “New Britain” and “The Third Way”. After […]

The Parliament Building in London

Elections in the UK Part II

Put at the forefront, this means that a party can become number two in all constituencies, but without having a single representative in the House of Commons. A direct consequence is thus that there is not always a clear correspondence between the parties’ percentage support on a national basis and the percentage distribution of the […]

Elections in the UK 2

Elections in the UK Part I

After a long wait, there are now parliamentary elections in the UK . The election date is set for May 6, just under a month before what would have been the absolute deadline. According to British election laws, it can take a maximum of five years from one parliamentary election to the next. Within this […]

David Cameron and Theresa May

Brexit – What Now? Part III

Also the institutional development of the EU is an important part of the backdrop for understanding the outcome of the British EU referendum. The criticism of the EU as an undemocratic project , with too great a distance between the population and decision-makers and bureaucrats in Brussels, is neither new nor unique to Britain. The […]

Brexit 1

Brexit – What Now? Part II

Another interesting finding is that voters who state that they are “not very interested” in politics to a far greater extent voted to leave the EU. This seems to coincide with the “Leave” campaign’s argument that most people had had enough of the bureaucrats in Brussels and of the advice and analysis of the “elite” […]


United Kingdom History

From the mainland to the island Great Britain wasn’t an island in the past! Admittedly, that was a long time ago. Until about 6000 BC In fact, Great Britain was connected to the mainland by a land bridge. It was only when the climate warmed and the sea level rose after the last ice age […]