Telegram, Te Toca: You’Re Officially The Last Application of Messaging in Having Video Calls

WhatsApp already has video calling. It has cost, the truth, and still have not reached the end of the matter because they still need to expand to the rest of platforms and the stable version. In any case, we cannot complain, they are already here, and if you want to use today itself nothing prevents you installing the Beta and try it.

And we say that WhatsApp has taken to make video calls? It is easy, because it is one of the largest travel messaging applications, I was born in 2010, but for years it has been more or less stagnant in terms of functions. LINE (2011), WeChat (2011), Hangouts (2013) or Facebook Messenger (2011) would later. What all have in common all of them? All had video calling before WhatsApp.

However, if we have to name a competitor to WhatsApp, a name stands out among the hundreds of applications from messaging there out: Telegram. For years the general idea has been that “is like WhatsApp, but with more and less people”, but now the ball is in your court Telegram. It’s your turn.

Telegram calls everything… less

Telegram has us accustomed to offer substantial improvements to the application about every two weeks or a month. The interface has been polished and functions have been optimized in such a way that the the integration of bots and chat conversations they are among the best Guild.

Telegram has focused on enhance the chat experience with shipments easy files, videos, stickers and GIF animated, bots for complete information or enrich the chats with stickers, more images and videos. There is still things to improve, Yes, as the format of text with bold and italics that still resents him, but otherwise chat conversations may not be much better than what Telegram offers. At the end, and after the Telegram explains it in the frequently asked questions:

We specialize in sending messages, multimedia documents and files – and we do it better than anyone there outside. There are still many things that we can revolutionize in Messaging. Messaging is undoubtedly the trend at this time, so we focus on this area for now.

Indeed, there is something so Telegram never has been concerned in the least: calls and video calls. Its CEO, Pavel Durov, published an article in 2014 where stated that the best way to predict WhatsApp a year view functions was to look at Telegram, but when voice calls came to WhatsApp last year, we could not predict it in this way. Telegram did not have them, and not have them today.

The closest thing which has Telegram today is the walkie-talkie mode. It is pretty good, the truth, but is nothing more than a very convenient way of exchanging voice notes, and not a system call. In any case, it is only voice, and no video.

It is obvious that Telegram has focused on messaging, but although there is still room for improvement, perhaps this is the time to start to broaden the focus. “At the end and all, no one likes to mark him the finger as”the last”in something.

Messaging with video calling application

What are other applications from messaging there was that already belong to the select club of video calls? Sure you know many, but here is a summary of the main ones, in chronological order.

  • Skype: it already included some rudimentary video calls in July 2011
  • WeChat: video calls available from July 2012
  • Hangouts: it has video calls since its inception in may 2013
  • LINE: video calls included in September 2013
  • Facebook Messenger: you have video calling integrated from April 2015
  • BBM: he obtained his video calls recently, in may 2016
  • WhatsApp: you have just activated them officially in October 2016

Who is missing in the list? If we skipped the newcomer Google Allo, that we still do not know how will be completed – or not – by his brother Duo, thus obtaining video calls, the only application of majority messaging globally than It lacks not only video calls, but voice calls, It is effectively a Telegram. Time to put the batteries.