The 50 countries with the highest average age on earth

The 50 countries with the highest average age on earth

In general, the life expectancy of people from all over the world is increasing significantly. Nevertheless, there are clear differences between the countries. Examples are African countries where life expectancy for men and women is much lower than in other countries. But which countries have the highest average age on earth?

Ranking of the 50 countries with the highest average age

Rank Country Average age
1 Monaco (Europe) 45.40
2 Japan (Asia) 42.90
3 Germany (Europe) 42.60
4 Italy (Europe) 42.20
5 Jersey (Europe) 41.40
6 Finland (Europe) 41.30
7 Guernsey (Europe) 41.30
8 Andorra (Europe) 40.90
9 Belgium (Europe) 40.90
10 Austria (Europe) 40.90
11 Sweden (Europe) 40.90
12 Bulgaria (Europe) 40.80
13 Greece (Europe) 40.80
14 Hong Kong (Asia) 40.70
15 San Marino (Europe) 40.60
16 Slovenia (Europe) 40.60
17 Croatia (Europe) 40.30
18 Bermuda (North America) 40.20
19 Isle of Man (Europe) 40.10
20 Switzerland (Europe) 40.10
21 Spain (Europe) 39.90
22 Denmark (Europe) 39.80
23 Gibraltar (Europe) 39.80
24 Liechtenstein (Europe) 39.60
25 Latvia (Europe) 39.40
26 Netherlands (Europe) 39.40
27 Estonia (Europe) 39.30
28 Great Britain (Europe) 39.30
29 Czech Republic (Europe) 39.30
30 Ukraine (Europe) 39.20
31 France (Europe) 39.10
32 Canada (North America) 38.90
33 Luxembourg (Europe) 38.70
34 Malta (Europe) 38.70
35 Hungary (Europe) 38.70
36 Aruba (North America) 38.50
37 Portugal (Europe) 38.50
38 Bosnia and Herzegovina (Europe) 38.40
39 Norway (Europe) 38.40
40 Russia (Europe) 38.40
41 Lithuania (Europe) 38.20
42 Georgia (Asia) 37.70
43 Singapore (Asia) 37.30
44 Cayman Islands (North America) 37.20
45 Belarus (Europe) 37.20
46 Poland (Europe) 37.00
47 Australia (Australia-Oceania) 36.90
48 Romania (Europe) 36.60
49 United States of America (North America) 36.50
50 Macau (Asia) 36.10

This country comparison takes 219 countries into account.

Average age statistics

feature value
Number of countries covered 219
average 27.67
Median 26.90
minimum 15.00
maximum 45.40
Standard deviation 8.26

The average age in Monaco is high

If you are guided solely by the average age of local people, Monaco is the oldest country in the world. Nevertheless, this thesis leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Because actually the dwarf state on the Cote d’Azur is not a country in the classical sense. The high average age in Monaco can be explained conclusively. If you don’t want to dig deep into your pockets for tax purposes, you are usually a bit older. It is therefore obvious that the average age of the population in this country is also comparatively high. Another front runner is Japan. The average age of people living in this state is also well above the 40-year mark. That is why the media have been reporting for some time that the Asian state is threatened with aging. See for countries with the most islands in the world.

An above-average age in Germany

Germany also ranks among the top countries with the highest average age. An important reason for this development is the good and modern health system that is guaranteed in Germany. In addition, Germany is one of the wealthy countries whose residents are developing an increasingly healthy lifestyle. This conscious way of life also has an impact on one’s own age. Other countries with a particularly high average age are Italy, Finland, Andorra and Belgium.

Comparison of the continents: Europe literally looks old

On the other hand, if you take a look at the continents, Europe literally looks old. With an average age of 42, Europe does indeed seem like an “old world”. While North America has an average age of 35 years, the continents of South America and Asia are even much younger with a mean of 31 years. On the other hand, Africa leads the field with an average age of 18 years.

Medical care is an important reason for the age difference

In general, if a country is too old or too young, both extremes can cause problems in the long run. For example, the low average age of Africa’s residents is simply due to the high mortality rate. Another case is in “older” countries. If senior citizens dominate a population, local medical care is logically stretched to its limits. In addition, there is a lack of efficient pension protection – for the existing and future generations.

The 50 countries with the highest average age on earth