The B700, a Balloon without Competition Ball

After telling you my experience with the Fast 500 shoe, The Hoop basket and balloon Wizzy, today it is the turn to the balloon Kipsta B700, the pointer over the range… will be good?

That has been my question for more than 6 years that I’ve been working in the company. I have hundreds of balls B700 inflated and I voted them in store thousands of times but had never tried it really on a basketball court with the right intensity to obtain a valuation upon him.

Taking advantage of having to develop an axis of work on “I am a local reference in my sport” I decided to take a couple of copies of the balloon B700 via Bestcraftblog to my training to thus collect not only my experience and feelings with the ball but that it would pick up all my team’s.

I’ve always been a lover of the Baden ball with which for many years was playing in competition. This ball was supplemented by the Molten and this year the Andalusian Federation of basketball has released a balloon with which also it can compete, thus having two options: Molten GG7 or balloon FAB.

Testing The B700 Ball

Already with the B700 on the parquet and the shots that we tend to make before you start to train heard good comments about the ball.

We did all kinds of exercises, boat, pass, shot… as we only had a copy of the B700 because they were playing US 3 balls (GG7, FAB and B700) randomly.This was good because we could thus note differences among them with greater clarity.

I asked my coach that the final match of the training was the B700 ball and did not put any problem.

After the workout I asked opinion every one of my teammates. I won’t be the textual user here because as many of you know in a locker room talking about very colloquial form…

The feelings of all of my colleagues were very good, talked about the great grip the ball, your ideal weight and your regular boat and that many of them were unaware of the existence of this ball.

I am a person who is very critical with the basket balls, when we go to play out the first thing I do is set me in as they are the balls and what I first value is its grip as a ball with poor grip makes all the basic actions of the basketball.

My personal opinion on the B700 is that we we have a great ball of basketball, the polyurethane coating makes magnificent sensations of the balloon on the fingers and there is no better thing for a basketball player that have good feelings with a ball in his hands.

One of the features most important of all consumer is price and that is which also highlights the B700 ball on its competition with a price of €29.99.