The Best Mobile Network Has Deutsche Telekom Stiftung Warentest

The Best Mobile Network: Well Connected with Telekom

It was clear at the big mobile phone network test of Stiftung Warentest: Telekom remains unbeaten simply in terms of mobile network quality and has the best mobile network. Tested was the quality of the mobile networks of the four major operators in Germany: Telekom, O2, Vodafone and E-plus. What exactly and learn here how ever tested!

Stiftung Warentest confirms Telekom to have the best mobile network. The Telekom network has a good voice quality for calls, a good coverage, a reliable call construction, as well as a good power supply. Moreover the Telecom offers the most advanced LTE expansion and quick loading times for the mobile Internet customers that Stiftung Warentest. Objectionable, there was only the quality of the Internet services in the country – where the telecom network received “satisfactory” only the note – in General, but she has the best mobile network. 2.5 is just behind the Telekom with the overall score of 2.2 (good) in the contest for the best mobile phone network Vodafone with the overall score (good). Under these two share E-Plus and O2 ranked third with a score of 2.8 (satisfying). The latter two offer their customers a good voice quality, but the supply of mobile services in the country according to the Stiftung Warentest worse and longer load times for customers connected as in the Telecom and Vodafone. According to the Stiftung Warentest has E-plus in the current network test in very caught up and provides its customers with a significantly better quality of power as it was 3 years ago – is now the network quality as well as in O2.

Like this was the test in the race for the best mobile network of Stiftung Warentest: the testers drove with a measuring system using eight connected phones in a large loop on German roads and highways around, the trip went through nine cities. More testers were walking in four cities and tested the mobile phone networks in pedestrian precincts and railway stations. Voice quality and the data connection of mobile phones have been tested. During the call, the time of dialling and voice quality were measured. For this purpose were sent with the phones email, surf the Internet and videos viewed.

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