The “Exclusivity” of The Nexus One with Vodafone Is Until July

As the subject of the exclusivity for time It was not clear yesterday, we take a hand from an interview to Ignacio Roman, responsible for new terminals from Vodafone Spain and Portugal, in which explains that underpin its peculiar exclusivity with Nexus One.

The effort on the part Vofadone Spain to gain the services of Nexus One before that competition is based on buying all production that HTC had for Spain. Therefore we are not talking about an exclusive signed with Google, but impossible to competitors that were made with the terminal. We are going to see the interview:

It is expected that until the beginning of July There are no new goods from Taiwan, so competitive so we have these early weeks to the Nexus One in the Red operator company.

Vodafone has backed strong Android since it launched HTC Magic in our country, has followed you HTC Legend and Xperia X 10, HTC Desire and Tattoo of a more shared form, even prepare a telephone of own production, the Vodafone 845. But despite the close relationship with Google, it is impossible to perform exclusivity agreements taking into account the philosophy of the search engine company is opting to open environments.

To learn more about availability and prices here yesterday, I leave you with the link to the news, we have today also published information about his presence in the catalogue of points.