The HTC Desire European Is Updated to Android 2.2 This Same Weekend

We knew that our Desire end up moving skin during the third quarter of the year, but HTC has finished with the wait after announcing that the update to Android 2.2 Froyo It will begin this weekend. They will be updated first free terminals, and you will arrive at models blocked by operators after subjecting them to some extra tests.

The long-awaited new firmware will include, apart from the already known news of Froyo, new features of the hand of HTC Sense: recording video to 720 p, a virutal keyboard improved, improvements in the dialer interface and the widget App Share; In addition, HTC Sync synchronize your phone with our iTunes library. As in every update, HTC wants to leave a record of the added value of its interface.

Fortunately, the Taiwanese manufacturer has managed to accelerate the adaptation of Froyo to HTC Desire and Sense interface, avoiding a repeat of the long waits that the users of HTC Hero, stuck on Android 1.5 until a month ago suffered. Desire is updated to Android 2.2 just over a week since he did it in his cousin the Nexus One in Spain.

HTC reminds us that the telephone we will notify There is an update available OTA and the firmware change will not affect our data.