The Indian Low-Cost Tablet Aakash Sold 1.4 Million Units

One of the advantages that brought Android has been the boom in tablets of Middle and lower-middle range, and even of the of low ranges, enabling you to not having to pay high costs for the license prices less and more adjusted for all those terminals that do not want to offer the ultimate the ultimate but nevertheless want to offer a price just by what they offer.

A clear example is the Indian Tablet Aakash, one of the tablets more hopes has taken, in particular by its ridiculous price. In total, the price to the public of this tablet does not arrive or to the 50 dollars, but a subvencio of the Government is that the tablet is in a $35. The plan was that the less affluent families in the country considered have their first computer terminal and break the digital divide that separates people with computers which may not have access to one.

And it seems to be a success, since in December were quickly exhausted the 30,000 units that were on sale, but it seems that people still anxious to own one of the more accessible terminals in the country, with 1.4 million units sold, something that does more than demonstrate the benefits of having a free software, especially to end with a problem to have and realize that it is the digital divide that can cause long-term problems of integration of less affluent people.