The International Trade Commission Opts for Apple in Its Legal Battles with HTC

This stupid war of patents which only causes collateral damage be sure that today sees another page in a story that is not known for sure who is right or who is required to pay who. After spending a hard legal fight with Apple, HTC decided in 2010 to obtain patents to protect themselves from attacks in a war which is now in its peak. Later they went in two legal battles, the first one without result due to the verdict of the International Trade Commission (International Trade Commission).

The judge decided that while patents have not lost their validity, directed demand against the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch not be violated to be on basic function of many terminals, such as touch screen and battery management. HTC still has five patents that are quereyando with Apple that in case of losing it would serve to Apple to justify its position of legal supremacy.

HTC and Samsung are the major companies that are seeing major problems in the war of patent and have seen several of its terminals have been banned in several countries, of them Samsung has been able to see how some of its tablets have been banned in Germany. In the United States these two they could see prohibited some of its terminals before the arrival of Christmas, that will mean a hardly acceptable losses.

We have to ask if these practices are ethical. Apparently it is legal, but the ideas only them can use one? How many patents will be registered unless we realize? Is it permissible to prohibit a terminal because someone has decided not to have or use, but register one idea before other? Because software patents are therefore ideas.