The Nexus Will Receive Today The Security Patch for The Vulnerability of The Stagefright

Update: Google has confirmed that starting today the update will begin to reach all Nexus 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 and Player.

Last week was published one of the most serious vulnerabilities of Android detected to date, a security flaw that would affect 95% of devices. The vulnerability of the Stagefright layer allows to give hackers remote control of your device with a video with malicious code sent by MMS.

Google soon fix the problem in the AOSP so manufacturers and operators could throw that patch to their devices, and this is what is going to do starting today Google in their Nexus 5 y Nexus 6 According to the American operator Sprint.

According to Sprint – Which does not usually fail – from today the Nexus 5 y Nexus 6 you will receive via OTA the compilation LMY48I with the the Stagefright security fix, to correct this vulnerability of the videos and MMS.

Sprint also reports that as of today its Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge Galaxy and Galaxy Note Edge will also receive the patch, but here we know when this update will come for models of other operators and countries.

For while we wait for our device to receive the Park we can protect ourselves from the vulnerability of the Stagefright following these simple steps.