The Rebirth of The Layer and The Poncho, This Autumn-Winter 2010 / 2011 (Part I)

The layers the outerwear were more employees in the winter seasons in medieval Europe, probably due to the ease and simplicity of its preparation, as well as being highly insulating against the cold. In principle they were used to cover the torso, but eventually they were lengthening and widening. It held by a PIN or brooch setting on the shoulders or neck.

According to the Bible’s general information, also known as Wikipedia, are in complete disuse today, nothing is further from reality, because large maisones and dienadores of international prestige, as well as the brands more economic, have chosen this year by the reborn use.

Yet it is too soon to venture if the street will accept its popularity, what is clear is that the intention is good, as well as varied. Today we reviewed all the trends in layers y ponchos, the most commonly used colors, and cuts and more repeated patterns.

Ann Demeulemmeester and the classic cross-ply

The British press named Ann Demeulemmeester along with other five designers Flamenco more, as the Antwerp six, Dirk Bikkembergs, Walter Van Beirendonck, Dries van Noten, Dirk Van Saene and Marina Yee.
All studied at the same school and presented his thesis work together, although their styles they are completely different, today all have their own brand and are known by this name, three years ago the Flamemenco Parliament started a series of activities, with the aim of promoting internationally the work of these six big fashion.

Ann has always sought various forms of expression of human beings through their collections, for this autumn rescue one aesthetics more characteristic of the Middle ages, shirts with frills, vests, big shot and high-waist pants with fur and of course layers.
Their own traditional way, leave look arms front with zippers and cross on the front. You confeccionas in different textures; Woven wool mohair color sand, cloth adorned with feathers or even black Astrakhan collar, all wrapped up in one dark beauty, decadent and with the ever melancholy air that he characterized as well you.

Dark Blue Coat by Ermenegildo Zegna

Good and precise cuts, very refined patterns and straight silhouettes are the general tone of the parade of the Italian House Ermenegildo Zegna, one of the few that is still owned by the founding family, the Zegna, not belonging to any great holding although if being producers of costumes for other brands such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Tom Ford. And is that it should not be forgotten that the clothing Merino, tissue in which they are specialized are one of its most associated with the signature banners.

The layer of Zegna also made in Merino in I colour dark blue, with three buttons and sleeves gets three quarters, as it could not be otherwise with Office style, Cardigan knitting, shirt with tie, cigarette pants, army boots and leather gloves.
Colors, different shades of blue are combined and are also mixed with black, breaking topics the combination Marino-Negro It is one of the trendiest of the season.

Jago fringed poncho

A child of the Jago is a fun and young English brand that always bet by the colorful, the variety of forms, the mixture of tissues, among which have place stripes, with pictures and pass the houndstooth, always intertwined with the patchwork. A sunset almost circus scene, with a very sophisticated image that is not afraid to mix mustard with beige and certainly does not go unnoticed.
This fall propose rescue of anonymity the ponchos, ignoring the point and opting for more technological as in nylon materials and presenting them in black and camel. Cut wide and pointing to the oversize also is tops with fringe and with flounces necks framed by loops.

Robert Geller mini coat

The German fashion designer based in New York, Robert Geller, recovers the classical pattern of layer cortto and move to the present thanks to total black look. Busy with the transverse buttons, neck hair, coat and adorned with a clasp, with the length of the shirt playing with the volume of the flyers. Diversity of materials Merge thanks to black, cloth, cotton, and even skin.