The Rebirth of The Layer and The Poncho, This Autumn-Winter 2010 / 2011 (Part II)

You already have in the first part, as a garment of common use in a given period of time, can fall into in absolute obscurity and disuse. And as with the passing of the years, you can reborn, emerge, reappear in unexpected ways, as they currently have the Cape and poncho, and as the street it will accept its implementation, or not, in daily use. Under these ideas we analyzed, the proposals of this garment for the season Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011.

Don’t miss the second part, because you have the news more fashionistas in this regard, we will look at the cuts and more repeated patterns, propellants of trend and of course designers will review some proposals at low cost prices, suitable for all budgets.

Komakino decontruye coating

The Japanese also based in London Komakino following the Dark line, grim and very decadent, and which comes to be trend and proposal of many of the younger designers who present their collections at London fashion Week, proposes looks completely dark, that black has no direct competitor none, just in case some notes of white or small touches of gray.
Proposed very deconstructed of patterns that is van complicating detail, so for example a napa jacket dispenses with a sleeve and is transformed into a semicapa, an openwork knit cardigan is transformed into something similar to a poncho. The garment star a coat layer asymmetric, elongated at the back with exaggerated sleeves, apply skin that serve close to buttons or zippers, and it is also topped with a hood.

Gut completo Dynamite Cabaret, Cape and poncho in total looks black

The Japanese House Gut completo Dynamite Cabaret declares war this season betting by a renewed military style and rescuing army clothes, keys in this style as the parka, multi-Pocket trousers and camouflage pattern.
In addition to creating deconstructed silhouettes, formed from the overlay several garments, mixing textures and combining long and short. The total black look is the general chromatic tone which served to introduce very stretwear outfits, with character left, risky, very daring young spirit.
The coat coat sleeves bat and three-fourths is combined with narrow trousers and military boots, while a maxiponcho knitted fabric with fringe and adorned with circular studs is mixed with some trousers chandaleros of high waist, big drop and movement and footwear with sport of large tongue.

Paul Smith and asymmetrical coat

Designer English of acid colors and tones more strident and oneiric, seems that this season can not succumb to temptations black for the darker color of all. Back in black scarves, Paul Smith coat is asymmetric, enlarged laterally, cowl neck, a single button and big pockets. Combined with dress with light satin pants, abotinadas sneakers are the only note of color in earth tones.

Paul Costelloe and the capa-manton

Paul Costelloe proposes inspired looks in a playwright you dress with frills, bows and breast, and that is inspired by the middle ages which takes rendered elements. Eclectic and sophisticated man of bet Costelloe for this winter by the exaggerated patterns that it is offset by the austere chromatic.
Paul coat is rather a large shawl that fits the silhouette with a belt and is combined with leather trousers and ankle boots with buckles.

Wrap and coat low-cost

H & M committed a classic pattern of wrap coat, sleeveless and with frontal openings that let out the arms, made in cloth and leather all black and at an affordable price, £ 80 you can get yours.

For its part, the giant Zara presents a poncho in brown tones and details in grey, manufactured in wool and adorned with fringe, an interesting option to give a touch of fun to your next autumn outfits by only €26.

And you you points to the tendency of the coating and the poncho?