The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Will Continue to Be Banned in Australia

Bad news for Samsung in the market Australian, Since it seems that he repeats the news of Germany and the Court that country has decided to continue to give the reason to Apple. Recall that a few weeks ago Samsung tried to reach an agreement with Apple through their respective attorneys and those of Cupertino rejected it, very sure of the worth of their tests.

So justice in Australia gives you reason to Apple and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 stays away from Australians; all thanks to two somewhat peculiar Apple patents, more than enough to freeze your marketing. The obvious consequence is that this device, due to the rapid evolution of the market in this sector, is highly susceptible of become obsolete in a short period of time and lose the interest of buyers and, in this case, staying out of the Christmas campaign. Proof of this is that Samsung has already released another tablet with some improved details.

However Samsung is going to continue trying in the courts of Australia, to see if any modification of this tablet gets pass the test and achieve your marketing. On the other hand you are trying to put pressure on Apple requesting the ban the input of new iPhone 4S in some European countries.

Turning to patents, it seems that the problem could be more serious, Since these two patents used by Apple in the courts of Australia are not specific to the tablet, if that does not make reference to any device with touch screen. Finally get the confirmation from the courts, Apple could use that precedent to freeze the marketing of any device Android in Australia; example that could repeat itself in the courts of other countries.

We do not know how it will end this patent war, but at the moment looks nothing good for Samsung, which is one of the leading manufacturers of devices Android on the world scene. Let us pray so that the new Samsung Nexus Prime, sponsored by Google, does not follow the same fate.