They Returned the Big ParanÁ Medium

Golden Giants and a wide variety of species in the province of Corrientes. Gallery of images and video.

Convened by the organizers of the contest of varied fishing making ends meet in Bella Vista, visit this charming village lying on the Bank of the Paraná between Goya and stoned, to relieve its benefits fish and try to collect their most prized trophies: surubí, gold and pacú.

Raised in a double day, the idea of the visit was to try also different techniques of fishing, from the traditional ones of waiting, lead to background or always effective trolling, to more active options such as the coup or the baitcast fishing.

The first day we were guided by Jorge Mórtola, head of the event prosecutors, who suggested that we should go back the Paraná making various stops in effective trolling courts to see if we were with some good catfish. We put together teams composed of 2,10 m bait rods with a strength of 12-25 pounds (1 pound: 0.453 kg), low profile reel with capacity of at least 200 metres from the 0.22 multifilament (it is important to not thicken multi diameter so the lure down well) and prepare a few lure depth palette. The first attempt took place on the island of Marzili, where we had no response. We then work the area of the bridge, where Jorge had an impressive pique that was followed by a fascinating struggle where the fish are not allowed to see. Finally poked the back of a huge painted – came from the tail – and we were able to raise it: 25 kilos of trophy gave us the best pictures of the day, we hurried to return the workpiece safely to their environment. Hugs, congratulations to the fisherman and water lure again.

After trying to one little longer to the catfish without luck, then we went through the the wintering area, where we tested with the gold without getting none. But I managed to nail a not-so-common species: a mandure three points. We changed the technique and equipment of bait – this time 5.5 foot rods (1 foot: 0,3048 m) with type low profile reels 201 and multifilament 30 pounds – enter a small Brook, the snake, ideal for work at electric motor by the middle and pull the banks the lure. Nor do we find the pirayú in this area. And after hitting another point of unique beauty such as the passage of the Célé, we finally decided to let rest the wrists and a fishing of waiting under the trees of the Pacucito, riacho where we use the same equipment of the bait but with intern plomito, short leader and a hook leg short pacucero incarnate with Chad BBS. There – while we had lunch in the shelter of the Sun – we had a strong streak of good-sized bream piques. But the pacú, this time missed the appointment.
Closing the first day, we went back to the area of the bridge, where we could collect from trolling other catfish, this time of a size between 8 and 10 pounds, it also returned to the water as all the catch of the day.

Golden rematch

The plan of the second day was complete species that were missing we realize the rich variety of Bella Vista. This time led by Hugo Viccini and with wonderful Andrés Sánchez company, put as goal of the day achieved gold and – if possible – pacú, to then meet with a group of fishermen from the Organizing Committee of the contest of varied fishing who in several boats were to relieve the Court chosen for the event.

Viccini – famous for its famous pasta to fish for pacú – suggested that we should start in bait working clubs emerging on tips of islets in the area of the island Guazú. With the mastery of his assistant Choco timoneando the ship a fair distance to allow the shot, started trying in a very fast slide, where Hugo had an impressive pique: a drop of cane decided after the attack on his lure ended with a golden which always managed the situation, leaving Hugo hung lure among the branches. “Was large seriously, more than 10 kilos safe”, ventured the local crack. Fortunately we could rescue the artificial with the shovel hook and we are still trying their luck. But gold was not acardumado, was all luck, or truth in each suit, and after a pique had to relocate. I lost a piece of similar manner as Hugo: violent pique, unstoppable run and leak between the sticks, leaving me the lure down.
“We will search pacú,” proposed the Guide, and got deep into wonderful Brook Pacucito, full of natural beauty, with blackberries and white herons, kingfishers much, families of howler monkeys in the tops of trees and numerous alligators sunning on the shore. Without a doubt, an environment which was a spectacle in itself within the day of fishing. Remove the lure of the bait rods, refine leaders and top them with a hook (strong and short leg) pacucero where we embody dough balls for fishing to the coup on the banks, with boat adrift regulated by the ineffable Choco’s helmsman. The noise of the ball of dough hitting under trees imitates the fruit eating pacu falls and triggers the attack. We had a couple of unsuccessful outbursts and then Sanchez got one beautiful pirapitá, another beautiful species that gives US the Paraná. This omnivorous not disdains the mass and we had several more attacks. But we do not charge pacú.
As on the previous day, we stopped at noon under the trees to make a fishing of waiting while we had lunch and again the Bogue of up to 2 kilos were again the protagonists, attacking Viccini mass with singular relish.
Then we retraced and went back to the Court of fishing of the competition, where a dozen boats – among which was that of Jorge Mórtola, our guide in the preview – worked with two hooks lines and thoroughly varied fishing. It was a constant succession of yellow catfish, moncholos, Jackfish and paties and species which undoubtedly can become protagonists of a contest that rewards the variety and which presents award of a boat with motor to the greater issue of a species determined by lot one hour before the contest. Therefore, we must be prepared for everything.

Afternoon he was averaging and we were still without one of the figures most qualified in the region: the Golden. This time the boat of Andrés Sánchez we travel like lightning to the area of La Tigra, Guazú Island, but in the end opposite to that he had worked in the morning. Again we lost parts who attacked and spared in the palos. Leave vu. But we never lost hope and taking advantage of the last rays of Sun, an impressive Piqué in a large banana-shaped decoy, kicked off a magnificent fight shared between the Guide and who writes this. The first jump of the Golden, that instead of looking for sticks could be lifted to open River, left us with an open mouth.

Combat unforgettable

It was of a tremendous specimen that allowed us to see that the lure was well taken in the air. That leap was followed three others, rare thing in large-sized fish that tend not to jump. But this one did it, offering us the magnificent spectacle of his bravura cropped in the oblique rays of the sunset on the river. Finally, after several dives that we forced to rigorearlo that does not go towards the engine, managed to guide copear medium-bodied fish (not entered everything!) and lift the motorboat neither more nor less than the gold of my life: 15 kilos and bait! We hugged everyone on the boat, there were celebrations and noisy sapukay. We hurried photos of rigor and restored water to the beautiful female, that we immediately dismissed with a strong backlash and quickly returned to their environment.
Mission accomplished. Bella Vista gave us their best trophies and varied rich.