Timer of Minutenrepitito: Novelty on the SIHH 2015

The case of the timer Minutenrepititon by A. Silver Dial consists of Platinum, Long & Sons. Price: approximately 440,000 euros.

In the age of mobile, lighted displays and radio alarm clocks, the complication of the minute Repeater is actually obsolete. However, luxury watch manufacturers still produce models with percussion, occur even in these lovers market – as well as the German manufacturer A.Long & Sons. She brings a wrist watch with sound on the market with the clock “Minute Repeater timer” for the first time. Premiered the timepieces on the SIHH 2015.

According to zipcodesexplorer, the chimes of the new timer Minute Repeater is triggered via a presser on the edge of the housing in the amount of ten o’clock. A deep sound for every full hour, a double tone for within ten minutes and a high tone for each completed minute. So acoustic playback of the digital display, that reading is on the dial of the watch is exactly the same.

Minute Repetition of A Timer. Long & Sons with Sound

It is, for example, 7:52, seven deep tones, five double tones and two high tones can be heard after pressing the lever handle at the side of the housing. So a pretty long with 20 seconds sound Fireworks can be heard at 12:59 ever. That certainly pleased the minute re petition fan in the Opera the pushers should not be operated however.

Full Sound, Sensational Percussion

To create a full sound despite of the small clock case, the designers and watchmakers of have A. Long & sons long filed. Come out is a movement of 771 parts, all co-ordinated. The automatic movement L043. 5. is as always at A. Long & sons produced and decorated by hand. To prevent that it comes to errors of functions, the Crown of the watch may not be at the triggered percussion. The repeating operation requires quite a lot of energy, and so he can no longer triggered when a power reserve of less than twelve hours. This is can be read on the dial on the power reserve display at the twelve o’clock position. A red marker indicates if only twelve hours or less reserve are available. The power reserve of 36 hours is fully raised. The percussion of the timer clock called the factory A. Long & sons by the way as a “technical sensation”, because for the first time a mechanical jumping numerals display was connected to a decimal Minute Repeater.

Minute Repetition of A timer. Long & Sons for 440,000 euros

The round body of the minute repeater timer is made of Platinum and 44.2 millimeters in diameter. The dial is made of solid silver, the applied time bridge made of German silver. On the nine o’clock position are in each square Windows the hours can be read, at the three o’clock position the minutes. The time slices of the number exactly skip to the next number. On the six o’clock position is situated small seconds with stop seconds. The bracelet of the watch is made of black alligator leather, the clasp as the housing consists of Platinum. Overall, the design of A is. Long & Sons minute repeater timer thanks to the Symmetries of straightforward, thanks to the number nevertheless striking. The clock is an absolute eyecatcher but only when its up to 20-seküniges sound concert sounds – especially during quiet moments. At the hearing of the price, also the ears tips: it amounts to approximately 440,000 euros.