Tips on How to Install GV800 Cctv

Hello this article aims to install a Geovision capture card for Windows XP or Windows 7 operating system, attention before the installation begins you must configure the video property without resting screen ie put in the option NEVER this computer will not Can enter stand by under any circumstances:

Tips on How to Install GV800 Cctv

Tips on How to Install GV800 CCTV from

Using the Geovision CD Setup to install the drives and software:

When inserting the CD it will present the following options:

Tips on How to Install GV800 Cctv 1

1-Install or remove Geovision GV-Series Driver

2-Install Direct X 9.0c

3-Install Geovision V8.3.4.0 System

Choose the first option, just after it will appear another window that will have two more options choose the first one as well

Soon there will be three buttons one for Install, Remove and Exit, choose the install option to install after installed and only go to Exit

Tips on How to Install GV800 Cctv 2

Note This option inside the CD is called “drvinst.exe”

Return to the main menu using the icon of the house:

There we will have those seven options from before, this time we will select the third option that is:

3-Install Geovision V8. 3.4.0 System

In this option we will install the Main Software of Geovision, after selecting will appear several options to choose again and we will choose the option:

Tips on How to Install GV800 Cctv 3

Geovision Main System

Soon after will ask to select the model of the capture card such with GV-NVR, GV-800 and etc.

Go from GV-800 and select the Next button after the NTSC or PAL video format choose NTSC option and   The Next button
Next resolution of the video 1280X1024 Next button

In the check box, select a and select the Add to the Startup option. Next button, this option causes the program to boot with the computer’s operating system.