Travel to Vathi

Samo’s largest city actually has two names: It is called the city of Samos and Vathi at the same time. Vathi is the older name of the city that has now been renamed. Here you can combine swimming and sunbathing with shopping and nightlife at the same time as you get to experience Greek everyday life. The old and charming are still there but have now got new modernities next to them in the form of new architecture, interior design and modern restaurants. Vathi is a city with narrow streets full of bakeries, cafes and men and women playing board games, sipping their sweet coffee or baking bread. The smell is unbeatable and it is easy to stop to talk a bit with the locals. In Greece, it is known that tourists are treated very well and that the Greeks themselves are curious about all visitors. It’s no problem to make new friends here.

Bo i Vathi

According to ehuzhou, there are a large number of hotels in Vathi, as tourism has grown strong for a long time. You can find both small genuine accommodation with a personal touch and the large all-inclusive hotels. The latter are close to the beach and here you can borrow sun loungers or parasols that are included in the price. Several charter companies arrange trips to both Samos and the neighboring island of Patmos, but if you prefer to book everything on your own, it works just fine.

Beaches in and around Vathi

Inside the center are three beaches that all have something to offer. They are all suitable for families with children, as they are shallow and if you want to practice some sport in the water, there is both equipment and a guide to book. Just outside Vathi there are some other longer beaches that are very popular to go to. On the island of Samos there are as many as 300 beaches to visit and the very best way to do that is to rent a car. It is common for tourists to rent a car in Greece and it is easy to find car rental companies.


Vathi is a relatively quiet tourist resort, but during the high season the atmosphere is revived a bit, as the discos and bars are open until late. The neighborhoods closest to the beach have the best nightlife. The bars are several and the music modern and here people from all sorts of different places gather. If mum is going to go out and do the town in the evening, then this is where you should steer the cow, even if there are some cozy bars inside the city as well.

Things to do in Vathi

In addition to hanging out on the beach and botanizing in the small shops along the alleys, you can go on various boat trips or go to another place. From Vathi you can take the boat over to Turkey and visit the ancient city of Ephesus. You can also go around the island to look at vineyards, springs or older sights in the form of temples and ruins. Samos also has many villages and valleys with olive groves where you can buy olive oil and domestic crafts. If you want to move around a bit, you should go on hiking trips in the mountains. Time has stopped here for a while, which you will notice if you visit a mountain village where Greek women cook and the men herd sheep or goats.