U.S. Operators Block Google Wallet in The Galaxy Nexus

Generally operators had committed themselves to simply abusing consumers not offering the possibility of using certain services such as tethering or VoIP and if that steal our data with the already known Carrier IQ and we I have left camp to their wide ladies operators offering us the needs that we want at a price that we want to be considered acceptable.

But the step that has made Verizon, one of the largest mobile operators of United States has gone further to what we are accustomed. The fact is that if one tries to use the service of Google Wallet, you are implanted without pause but without haste in some shops in big cities, you will see that the service gives error Unable to connect to Google servers to run the transaction.

This fact It is confirmed in several Galaxy Nexus terminals which are connected by the Verizon network data, leaving many in a compromising situation. This action, as it can be, is not made groundless, but for a very clear reason, and is that Google Wallet makes competition to ISIS, a payment system by mobile phone that the company is trying to boost without success or advertising that Google is enjoying.

However, not only should caution those who use Verizon’s network, but also networks of T-Mobile and AT & T, other two huge U.S. companies that are also users of the ISIS system, but which so far have not been problems with these networks, although like everything in these cases, best have to be carefull and always go with more than one way to pay.