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Ukraine Resorts and Attractions

Ukraine is a state in Eastern Europe. Common borders in the east and northeast with Russia, in the north with Belarus, in the west with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary. In the southwest it borders on Romania and Moldova. The capital is the city of Kyiv.

According to smb, the word “Ukraine” originally meant “the outskirts of known (at that time) states.” Those. this was the area where the territory of the states officially ended.

The climate is temperate continental. Temperature from -30*С in winter to +30*С in summer.

Ukraine is a marvelous land, always hospitable and cordial. Every corner of this vast land will gladly open its beauties to tourists. In recent years, holidays in Ukraine have become more and more popular, and this is not at all surprising – how many miracles this glorious land is fraught with! It seems that there is absolutely everything that may be of interest to the traveler.

Resorts and attractions of Ukraine

Karadag (Black Mountain) – the oldest extinct volcano in Ukraine (150-170 million years). It is unique for rare specimens of flora and fauna (10 thousand plant species, 1632 butterfly species, 199 bird species), as well as fantastic relief (Devil’s Finger, Gingerbread Horse, Falcon, Pyramid, Korol, Retinue, etc.) rocks. The Karadag Nature Reserve is one of the cleanest and most inaccessible reserves in Crimea (guarded by the military, entrance only with a guided tour from the Biostation to the village of Kurortnoe). During the sea excursion you can visit numerous bays, grottoes and the Golden Gate basalt rock – one of the symbols of Crimea. There is a legend about the Karadag monster living in the sea at the foot of the massif.

Historical and cultural complex Radomysl Castle is a private museum complex. It includes the only Museum of Ukrainian domestic icons in Europe. The expositions and funds of the complex also include collections of sacred art and church utensils, Ukrainian and European antiquities. The name of the complex uses the old name of the city of Radomyshl, recorded in written sources, starting from the first half of the 16th century.

Apple tree-colony – a botanical landmark of nature of national importance, an apple-bush, included in the list of the Seven Natural Wonders of Ukraine. Estimated age over 200 years. This apple tree has about 15 trunks-branches that have grown to the ground. A feature of the apple tree is the ability to self-rooting branches. The branches lean towards the ground, take root, and when one of the trunks dies, in this way the apple tree prolongs its life.

Mezhiritsky Holy Trinity Monastery – a complex of monastic buildings of the 16th-17th centuries in the village of Mezhyrich in Volyn. According to its layout, composition, combination of secular, religious and defensive features, Renaissance decor belongs to the outstanding architectural monuments of Ukraine.

The so-called Castle Hill is located in the picturesque town of Chigirin, Cherkasy region. This monument of landscape architecture is located on a mountain with rather steep slopes in the north and west. Such natural conditions could not fail to attract the attention of the leaders of the state, since the mountain was an ideal place for building a fortress.

DneproGES belongs to the symbols of industrialization and is a vivid example of the famous construction sites of the century. Built during the first five-year plan, it still copes with its duties perfectly. The Dnieper hydroelectric power station is the fifth and the oldest stage of hydroelectric power stations on the main water artery of Ukraine.

Interesting facts

Tourist regions of Ukraine – Carpathians.

The sights of Ukraine, and especially the sights of western Ukraine, capture and are able to excite the imagination of lovers of medieval castles, admirers of Slavic culture, and those who just want to learn about the life and lifestyle of ancient people. Many sights of Ukrainian cities are listed by UNESCO in the register of World Heritage Sites. Historically, it so happened that Ukraine is divided into two culturally very different peoples – the inhabitants of the Left-Bank and Right-Bank Ukraine. The events of the last 300-400 years had the greatest impact on the way of life of modern Ukrainians, all the time being at the center of all kinds of wars and civil strife.

Left-bank Ukraine gravitated towards the Russian Empire, Right-bank – towards the Commonwealth. Later, Ukraine became part of the USSR, staying there until 1991. During this period, monuments to writers, political and military actions began to appear especially abundantly throughout the country. Today, traveling around the country, it is impossible not to visit a number of outstanding architectural structures and museums. Among them are the Kalamita fortress near Sevastopol, the Shatsk Lakes with unimaginably clear water near the village of Shatsk, the Nevitsky Castle near the Uzh River, the Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life (Uzhgorod) and the Pysanka Museum (Kolomiya), the Opera House (Odessa), Askold’s Grave.

There is not enough time to list all the wonders of the country! But they are definitely worth the attention of a person.

Ukraine Resorts