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Citizens of Russia do not need a visa to enter the territory of Ukraine. Entry is carried out on an internal (common civil) passport or international passport. When crossing the border of Ukraine by train, you must ask the conductor for an immigration card, fill it out and put a mark of the Ukrainian border service in it. For holders of international passports, the mark is placed directly in the passport.

By vehicle, entry is carried out on the basis of documents confirming the right of ownership and the right to drive, or by a notarized power of attorney from the owner of the vehicle. Handwritten Russian powers of attorney are not valid in Ukraine. The vehicle itself is imported on the basis of a completed declaration. When crossing the border in a vehicle, fees are charged for the environmental control of the vehicle (about 1 USD), for civil liability insurance of vehicle owners (depending on the type of vehicle and the length of stay in the country). When leaving the territory of Ukraine, a toll in the amount of 10-25 USD is paid. In Crimea, a resort fee is charged (for organized vacationers – 5 hryvnia, for unorganized vacationers it is different in some regions, but cannot exceed 10 hryvnia). People arriving in Crimea by car or driven vehicle pay a fee of 15 hryvnia.

On the territory of Ukraine you can import duty-free 1 liter of vodka products, 2 liters of wine, 200 cigarettes or 200 gr. tobacco, 5 liters of beer, food products in the amount of not more than 50 euros, soaps and SMS in the amount of not more than 5 euros, as well as temporarily imported goods with obligations to re-export them. Food products imported for personal use are imported duty-free at the rate of no more than 50 euros per person, with the obligatory presence of the manufacturer’s packaging or no more than one unit of each item. Items with a value of less than 200 euros or a single indivisible item with a value of not more than 300 euros are exempt from taxation upon importation.

Free import of up to 10 thousand USD is allowed, when importing from 10 thousand to 50 thousand USD (including payment documents in foreign currency and traveler’s checks), an application for the import of foreign currency is required indicating the purpose of import. The import of more than 50 thousand USD is allowed only in a non-cash form or with the help of payment documents in foreign currency. For the import of foreign currency in an amount that exceeds 50 thousand USD, you need a special permit from the National Bank of Ukraine. Ukrainian currency is imported only subject to the availability of customs declarations for the export of this currency from Ukraine.

The import of poisonous, radioactive, explosive and poisonous substances, as well as printed and video materials containing propaganda of war, racism and violence is prohibited. It is forbidden to import food products without a certificate of conformity. When importing firearms, cold steel, explosives and gas cartridges, permission from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine is required. When importing animals – a veterinary certificate. When importing drugs in the amount of more than 5 packages or more than necessary for one person for one course of treatment (required relevant documents), as well as narcotic and psychotropic substances, permission from the Ministry of Health is required. In this case, import customs duty, VAT and excise duty are levied.

It is allowed to export items worth up to 100 thousand euros, the export of works of art, cultural and historical values requires permission from the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. With an insignificant cultural value of the item, it is enough to have a check from the store or art salon where the purchase was made. The export of precious metals and stones, cultural property, poisonous, radioactive, explosive substances and canceled securities is prohibited.

It is allowed to export the currency of Ukraine (subject to mandatory declaration) in the amount of up to 10 thousand hryvnias (up to 1 thousand – on the condition of oral declaration), foreign currency – in the amount of up to 6 thousand USD per person (up to 1 thousand – on the condition verbal declaration), traveler’s checks and other payment documents – for an amount not exceeding 5 thousand USD. It is allowed to export previously imported foreign currency if there is a customs declaration for its import (required relevant documents).

Embassy in Ukraine

Ukraine, embassy in Moscow

125009, Leontievsky pereulok, 18 (metro station Pushkinskaya).

Phone: 229-10-79 – Ambassador’s reception; fax: 924-84-69; 229-35-42 – office.

Consular department

103009, Leontievsky lane, 20.

Ukraine, website of the embassy:

Ukraine, Russian Embassy in the country:

Kiev, Povitroflotsky prospekt, 27

Phone: (8 044) 244-09-61, 244-09-63, 244-09-67; fax (8 044) 246-34-69

Consular department

Kiev, Kutuzova street, 8

Contact in Ukraine

Local, long-distance and international telephone conversations can be conducted from pay phones or from call centers. Payment is made using telephone cards, which can be purchased at any post office, newsstands, gas stations, some shops, cafes, stalls selling public transport tickets.

Mobile communication uses the GSM 900/1800, NMT-450i and D-AMPS standards, the coverage is quite dense. Registration on the phone in the GOS is not required. The entire territory of Ukraine (and Crimea) is considered an intra-network roaming zone, calls are charged at local city rates. The tariffs of different operators often differ from each other quite strongly and depend on the time of day. Calls in the evening and at night, as well as on weekends and holidays, are often much cheaper. In Crimea, due to the peculiarities of the relief, mobile communications can work unstably. All incoming calls from Ukrainian mobile operators are free.

To call to Russia, you need to dial 8 – 10 – 007 – area code – subscriber number.

To call from Russia to Ukraine, you need to dial 8 – 10 – 38 – the area code (065xxx – in case of a call to Crimea) – the subscriber’s number.

Emergency Phones in Ukraine

In case of fire – 01

Police, on duty – 02

Ambulance – 03

Gorgaz (call) – 04

City telephone network information – 09

Inquiries and ordering long-distance calls in Ukraine and the CIS countries – 071

Ordering international calls – 079

January 1 – New Year

January 7 – Christmas

March 8 – International Women’s Day

May 1, May 2 – International Workers’

Day May 9 – Victory Day

June 28 – The Constitution of Ukraine Adoption Day

August 24 – Independence Day

These days are non-working in Ukraine. Also non-working days are Easter and Trinity.

A feature of the Crimean resorts is the irregular supply of hot water. Usually it is supplied by the hour or solar water heaters and boilers are used to heat it.

Those traveling by car should keep in mind that local traffic police inspectors (analogous to the Russian traffic police) closely monitor compliance with traffic rules and pay special attention to vehicles with non-Ukrainian numbers.

According to thembaprograms, grocery stores are open from 9.00 to 19.00 – 20.00, some supermarkets are open around the clock. Manufactured goods stores are usually open from 10.00 to 19.00 – 21.00.

In upscale restaurants, a five percent tip is included in the bill, but in Ukraine there is no generally accepted tip rate, and their amount is a personal matter for each visitor.

Ukrainians are by nature good-natured, hospitable and very fond of feasts. In Western Ukraine, the attitude of the indigenous population towards Russian-speaking tourists is somewhat tense, in Crimea it is very friendly, as the natives understand that tourists are the main source of their income.

220V, 50Hz;

In accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, foreign citizens entering Ukraine in accordance with the established procedure must have an insurance policy in case of emergency medical care. It is recommended to be vaccinated against diphtheria, typhoid, hepatitis A.

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