Under the Cloth, Pe the Ntimas Do Ria History

Brasilia celebrated on Tuesday the national underwear Day. Models paraded parts of 20 brands of lingerie in the corridors of the National Assembly and at the bus station of the pilot plan. Is the second edition of the project, created by the site sets brasiliense Fine. The initiative was inspired by an event like that happens since 2003 in New York, in the United States, and has support of lingerie manufacturers.

But it’s not today that the undergarment arouses interest. Lingerie can be a great weapon of seduction or destroy a romantic moment. Underwear can give you ares of seductive man or show you how a being abject. The underwear accompany people since the beginning of mankind and say a lot about their personalities.

In the beginning was the petticoat, worn by men and women, which consisted of a piece of cloth or leather tied at the waist to conceal banned parties. One of those petticoats was found by archaeologists and dated from 7000 years ago. In ancient Rome it was common to see slaves using the piece, while the rich participated in their robes without anything underneath.Roman women already used a primitive version of the bra and panties, in two separate parts. Even in Japan, fundoshi, that strip of fabric used today by sumo wrestlers, it was mandatory for millennia.

The middle ages innovated with the addition of Leggings for men, often used as laundry exposed and hidden and some not yet allowed to grown men to urinate without having to take the entire piece. In fact, at that time, so many men and women wore t-shirts under their clothes, the French chemises. The corsets also appeared in that same time to tighten the female breasts. Never proved the existence of chastity belts to prevent women they ever turned on him. In fact, many historians believe it was a weapon against rapes since the men were in Crusades and wars, and that women themselves had the keys.

The industrial revolution brought the possibility of mass production. It was then that launched the fashion of WaSP waists and Eric Dane OK 25 now ran to put your corset. The big problem is that to be good, you had to push a lot and it was not uncommon to see girls passing out from lack of air.

In 1880 appeared the bodice healthy, a lighter version of the corset, which caused no breakage of bones or muscles hurt. For men, in addition to the more than mandatory drawers, the novelty was the appearances of jockstraps in 1874, widely used by athletes, especially cyclists, because protecting that most sensitive of male anatomy. It’s been a tremendous success in the gay world.

Textile technology from the beginning of the 20 century, allowed a relaxation in bodices and corsets more comfortable fabrics and female to grown men. It was at the turn of the century that the American Benjamin Joseph Clark created the boxers, firmer, and short, very similar to the current.

It was also at this time that began to separate the women’s clothing in upper and lower part. In 1913, an invention that would change the world. Mary Phelps Jacob created the BRA, freeing the girls. Men wore underwear shorts with buttons in front, known in Brazil as boxers, reported by Mathgeneral.

With the separations of the underwear, the underwear also decreased and now my legs were covered with socks, replaced by nylon. And it is also where, inspired by the French can-can dancers, women began wearing the League, both in the legs as in waist.

30 years gave the men the slip underwear (even bigger than the current) and a gentleman always wore while racing on the breast, until Clark Gable, the great Hollywood male frame at the time, get your shirt in the movie Happened that night and was with nothing underneath. The fashion ended right there.

Wrinkled elastic and the mixture of corset with bra appear during the period of the second world war, while in the years 60 the women take to the streets to burn Bras as a symbol of male oppression (how about we make if we use).

And so, for the past 40 years we’ve seen our underwear grow and shrink. Sometimes fashion is more retro, other bolder. Even I don’t wear panties has become fashionable. Because according to some doctors, the synthetic fabrics or very thick hinder ventilation, providing the appearance of bacteria and fungi. What governs the industry surely is that, in addition to comfort, the important thing is the message of sensuality that the panties, BRA and underwear will pass.

In this process of seduction, women rely on the thong (well more short), the thong (which requires a lot of parsimony by the girl to use because it can shock and get the message “I’m easy”) and the garter belt (very sexy, killer, but also has the right time).

Black and white are recommended, red needs a lot of knowledge to not seem unremarkable, panties and/or bra beige are completely dropped out of the equation, no matter how much you “combine with the clothes”, as are clear idea that man is to have sex with your grandmother. And with messages and pets are great when you have 8 to 12 of years, but then it gets a little weird, unless, of course, that is part of the fantasy.

Men have the slip with or without opening, the samba-canção (silk is very out of fashion nowadays), the boxer (very beautiful and comfortable,) and the joks (great for Greco-Roman wrestling, if you know what I mean). White and black are ideal. Blue, only if it’s verging on black. Only if you want to look like red actor of former Brazilian pornochanchada films.

Anyway, man or woman, the important thing is not to neglect this piece of clothing. Wear anything because no one’s going to see a tremendous stolen. Nothing more pleasing to a man undressing a woman and see her with a beautiful, new, sexy lingerie. The same for his wife, when your man get undressed and shows that your underwear matches your body type. In other words, fat wide slip or the man with a pair of underwear with an indelible mark on the back.