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To enter the country it is necessary to obtain a visa secured by a sponsor’s guarantee, i.ะต. organization, company or individual entitled to apply for an entry visa. Tourists who come to rest in the UAE receive a visa certified by the guarantee of a travel company. The exception is citizens of the AGCC (Gulf Commonwealth: Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia), which do not require a visa. British citizens can also enter the country for up to 30 days without a visa. A visit-visa is issued for a period of three months and costs 600 dirhams (about $150), renewal for the next three months – 1,200 dirhams. A tourist visa costs about $40. A visa or other marks of the State of Israel in the passport may serve as a reason for denial of entry. Cases are known when the authorities denied entry right upon arrival at the UAE airport. The UAE authorities reserve the right not to explain the reason for the refusal of a visa.

To obtain a visa, you must provide the following documents:

– a scanned color copy of the first page of the foreign passport, valid for at least 6 months from the date of the intended return;

– a color scanned photograph, different from the one in the passport (copies must be clear, the size of each file is not more than 40 Kb, format – JPG or GIF, photo size – 4.3 cm x 5.5 cm);

– completed application form of the UAE Consulate;

– for girls under 30 years old traveling without a relative with the same surname, a letter of guarantee is required to return the girl on time with a commitment not to violate UAE law;

– for children under 18 traveling with one parent or accompanied by a third person, you must provide a copy of a certified exit permit from the remaining parent(s);

– traveling children who have their own passport also provide a copy of its 1st page. For children entered in the parent’s passport, a copy of the page of the international passport where it is entered is also provided.

The validity of a tourist visa is 60 days from the date of issue and 30 days from the date of entry. A visa is issued at the airport upon arrival, but before that, you need to submit the above documents to the UAE embassy and receive confirmation of the visa opening by fax or e-mail.

You can bring 2,000 cigarettes, or 200 cigars, or 2 kilograms of tobacco into the UAE with you. Every non-Muslim has the right to bring 2 liters of wine and 2 liters of spirits. Weapons and drugs are prohibited from being imported. Printed and video products are scanned at the border for objectionable content.

Embassy in the United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates, Embassy in Moscow
Moscow, st. Olof Palme, 4

Tel: 147-62-86, 143-64-14, 147-00-66

Consular department: 143-64-13

UAE, Russian Embassy in the country:
United Arab Emirates, Abu-Dabi, Shark-9, Khalifa str., No. 65,67, PO Box No. 8211

Tel.: (9712) 72-1797

Fax: (9712) 78-8731

Communication in UAE

You can call another country from pay phones located on the streets of large cities. A minute of conversation with Moscow will cost about 1-2 dollars. You can call from the hotel – To do this, dial “9”, after the beep – the country code (007 – Russia), then the city code (for Moscow – 095) and the subscriber’s number. Such a conversation can be ordered to the dispatcher by dialing “0”, but then some time will have to wait for the order. A minute of conversation with Moscow will cost more, about $7.

There is only one company in the UAE that provides telephone and Internet services – Etisalat. And it is a monopoly. Internet cafes are found everywhere in major cities.

Calls within the emirate from a public pay phone will cost from 30 to 60 fils. To do this, use coins of 50 fils, 1 and 5 dirhams or special plastic cards in the amount of 30, 45, 60 dirhams. They can be purchased at shops and petrol stations.

Emergency Phones in UAE

ambulance, police, fire – 999,

information – 180,

talking clock – 140,

telegram by phone – 130,

Dubai airport information – (04) 245-555

January 1 – New Year

February 11 – Eid Holidays

April 5 – Hijri New Year

June 14 – Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday

October 25 – Lelat al-Mi “raj

November 27 – the beginning of Ramadan (presumably)

December 2 and 3 – National day

There are religious holidays with changing dates, such as:

Eid Al Fir – 3 – 4 days after the end of Ramadan

New Year according to the Khitzher (Muslim calendar)

Birthday of the Prophet (Milad an Nabi)

The dates of religious holidays are determined according to the lunar calendar adopted in Islam, the duration of the annual cycle in which is 11 days shorter in relation to the solar calendar. During religious holidays, restaurants may be closed or no smoking or alcohol allowed. Pay attention to the Ramadan holiday – during this month, the opening hours of shops can be reduced, it is forbidden to drink, smoke, eat in public places (these rules usually do not apply to the hotel). In different emirates, these restrictions may vary in their rigidity.

Day off – Friday.

Tap water is drinkable. Usually hotels and restaurants offer local bottled water.

It is recommended to use a taxi, but since they are not equipped with meters, the price is negotiated in advance. Approximately 10 dirhams costs a short trip within the city, 10-20 dirhams – a trip out of town. Taxis parked near hotels are more expensive than those stopped on the street. The taxi driver does not expect tips.

Most hotels have buses that take guests to the city center.

Many restaurants include a service charge, but if this is not mentioned on the menu, you need to add 10% when paying the bill. A porter at the airport or at the hotel is due 5-10 dirhams, depending on the amount of luggage. Taking photos and videos of people without their permission is considered impolite. Photographing Arab women is perceived as an insult. It is not recommended to shoot government institutions, banks, as well as objects of military importance.

According to thembaprograms, shops are open from 08.00 to 13.00 and from 16.00 to 20.00 (weekends: Thursday after 13.00, Friday). Many shops and supermarkets are open on Friday from 16.00 to 20.00.

The widest selection of goods and affordable prices is one of the main reasons why many people flock to the UAE. No wonder the Emirates are called “a paradise for shoppers”. The main centers of trade are Dubai, the capital of the country is Abu Dhabi, as well as Sharjah and Ajman. In car dealerships in Dubai, you can buy a cheap car (delivery to Moscow via Helsinki), in jewelry stores – gold items by weight at world market prices (prices in Dubai are among the lowest in the world). Household appliances, electronics and computers from the world’s leading manufacturers are very popular.

It is not necessary to leave a tip, however, given the extremely low wages of waiters, it is worth considering leaving a few small bills to the person who served you well. Many restaurants include a service surcharge in their bills, however, this money almost never reaches the staff’s pockets. Bargaining is not accepted.

Most of the country’s inhabitants adhere to the Muslim religion. The Qur’an imposes a number of strict prohibitions on the faithful, which must be strictly observed. During the holy month of Ramadan, food is prohibited from sunrise to sunset. Tourists visiting the country during this time are advised not to consume any food or drink on the streets. Failure to comply with this rule may result in arrest by the police for disrespecting laws and traditions. As you know, legitimate Muslims are forbidden to drink alcohol, so you can find alcoholic drinks mainly in hotel bars.

As for clothing, cotton is preferred, cotton-based mixed fabrics are ideal. It is not recommended to appear in a hotel or club in beachwear. In cities, women are advised to wear trousers or skirts of reasonable length and cut, men can appear in shorts almost everywhere, with the exception of exclusive bars and restaurants of some hotels.

220V, 50Hz;

Having health insurance is not a prerequisite for entering the country, however, it is recommended to insure at least a minimum amount. The UAE has a network of public hospitals and clinics, medical care that meets the highest international standards. You can also get the necessary help or advice in numerous private clinics, but the treatment here will be expensive. Russian tourists are provided with medical insurance policies for the entire period of stay in the country, according to which emergency medical care is provided free of charge. Pharmacies are open from 8.00 to 13.00 and after a day break from 16.00 to 21.00. In every city there are pharmacies on duty, working around the clock.

United Arab Emirates Visa