United Kingdom Resorts

United Kingdom Resorts and Attractions

The best way to travel around London is by bus and the underground (the oldest in the world). In the subway, you should not throw away the used ticket, because. you will definitely need it on the way out. It is most convenient to purchase TravelCard – travel tickets that are valid for almost all types of public transport. The cost of TravelCards depends on their type, zone and validity period. The cost of a ticket for one day is from 4 to 5 pounds. A photo is required to issue a weekly ticket.

Helpful Hints
For a refund of value added tax (-15% of the purchase price) when crossing the border, you must have a Tax Free certificate with you, which can be obtained at the store if the value of the goods is more than 30 GBP.
When crossing London streets, you must first look to the right and then to the left, because traffic in the UK is on the left.

Useful phone numbers
Embassy of Russia in London – 13, Kensington Palace Gardens, tel. 2293628
Aeroflot Representative Office in London – 70, Picadilly, tel. 355-2233
Ambulance, Police, Fire Department – 999.

Telephone connection: from London to Russia – 007 + area code + subscriber number. From Russia: 8-10-44+ area code (London 171 and 181) + subscriber number.

You can import duty-free into the country a block of cigarettes, or 50 cigars, or 250 grams of tobacco, 1 liter of a drink with a strength of more than 22 degrees or 2 liters of alcoholic beverages of a lower strength (except champagne), the cost of other imported goods should not exceed 136 pounds sterling. Persons under 17 are prohibited from bringing into the country any amount of alcohol and tobacco products.

Resorts and attractions in the UK

According to smb, England is a land of attractions. There are numerous monuments and ancient cities with a rich culture. The country has a remarkable concentration of historical monuments and castles, and the island’s coastline is lined with old pubs and museums.
England is one of the most interesting countries. Tourists from all over the world dream of coming here. There are so many attractions here that travelers often get lost in choosing places to visit. Many people associate England with Big Ben, strong black tea and traditional red check. However, there are many beautiful places that tourists will be no less interested in visiting.

Take Buckingham Palace for example. It is open to the public in August and September of any year.

Brighton is considered to be the youngest resort in England. This is a truly universal town, known to the world for its kilometer-long beaches. Locals rightly call Brighton “City by the Sea”. Luxurious hotels are at your service, where right from the windows you can see the beauty of the UK at night. It is worth noting the sophistication of restaurants, where any gourmet will find a dish to taste.

Cayman Islands – George Town (the capital of the Cayman Islands) is located on Grand Cayman Island.

Turks and Caicos – British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean Sea in the Atlantic Ocean

Bermuda is located in a group of islands in the northwestern Atlantic Ocean

British Virgin Islands – located northeast of the US Virgin Islands.

Gibraltar is a British overseas territory in the south of the Iberian Peninsula.

Guernsey is an island in the English Channel. Crown dependency of the British Crown, but not part of the UK.

Jersey is an island in the English Channel. Crown dependency of England.

Montserrat – overseas territory of Great Britain, the archipelago of the Lesser Antilles.

about. Maine – Crown dependency of England.

The Pitcairn Islands are the only English overseas territory in the Pacific Ocean.

The Falkland Islands is an English overseas territory in the southwestern Atlantic Ocean.

Interesting facts

People settled the islands of modern England about 30,000 years ago.

In 2012, a ban was introduced on the entry of violators of human rights into the country.

The Beatles are recognized as one of the most commercially successful bands in history.

In England appeared – football, rowing, boxing, badminton, cricket, tennis, darts, golf.

Banks are open without a lunch break all week, except Saturday and Sunday, from 9.00 to 15.30. Shops are open from 9.00 to 17.30 (Monday – Saturday).

Most museums are open from 10.00 to 18.00 (Monday-Saturday) and from 14.00 to 18.00 (Sunday).

Car rent: persons from 21 years old (sometimes – 23 years old) to 70 years old, international driving license is required: Russian tourists are not recommended to rent a car, since the traffic here is left-hand; in London the speed limit is 48 km/h, on motorways – up to 113 km/h.

United Kingdom

England is one of the largest countries in Europe located in the British Isles.

The climate is temperate oceanic. A lot of rain falls throughout the year. Temperature from -11 to +35*ะก.

The state consists of four provinces – England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland.

The state system is a constitutional monarchy. Population – 59.5 million people.
Capital London.
The climate is temperate, moderated by southwestern winds, almost half of the days a year are cloudy.
Time is three hours behind Moscow time.
The monetary unit is the pound sterling.
Flight duration Moscow – London – 3 hours 50 minutes.
A visa from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is required to enter the country.
Telephone sets accept coins in denominations of 10 pence, 20.50 pence and 1 pound.
Phone cards can be purchased at post offices and newsstands.

Ancient castles with family ghosts, English humor, London fog, famous pubs and a pint of bitter, Mr. Sherlock Holmes and Sir Pickwick, and a few landscapes of Constable and Turner. How little we know about England! Here – green hills, meadows, valleys and indented coastlines. Here – the silence and tranquility of the suburbs are replaced by the rhythm of big cities. Only here you will ride in an omnibus, see real ladies and gentlemen, hear pure English and visit the most diverse museums and excellent shops.

United Kingdom Resorts