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The state of Vermont is a popular recreation area. The idyllic landscape of the Green Mountains is ideal for skiing and hiking.

Vermont is located in the northeastern United States on the Canada border. The so-called Green Mountain State is roughly the size of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and is inhabited by around 600,000 inhabitants. As part of New England, the state is best known and loved for its mountains and the colorful spectacle of colors during the Indian Summer.

Montpelier, named after the French model, is the capital of Vermont. With only 8,000 inhabitants, the city in the center of the state is very small, but has its own charm. The most popular attractions in Montpelier, surrounded by the Green Mountains, are the State Capitol with its golden dome and the Pavilion Hotel. It was built in a steamboat-Gothic style and houses the Vermont Historical Society Museum. In addition to this charming small town, visitors should especially visit the idyllic mountains of Vermont. Especially the Green Mountains that extend from the Massachusetts border pulling up to the Canadian border across the state are extremely popular. In winter you can ski in one of the 25 ski areas, for example on Mount Ellen, and in summer, especially along the Appalachian Scenic Trail. Another popular recreation area is Lake Champlain, which is surrounded by dense forests and has over 80 islands. Vermont is also known as the country of origin of maple syrup. If you’ve always wanted to see how this is made, you should go to Rutland.

Travel tips and best travel time
Vermont’s largest airport is Burlington International Airport; The nearby airports in Boston and Montreal, Canada, can also serve as important travel destinations. The time difference between the American east coast and Germany is six hours. The climate in the Green Mountain State is continually humid. Winters can get very cold and snowy, which is why they are perfect for winter holidays. Those who prefer more pleasant temperatures should start the trip between April and October.

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The neo-renaissance government building from 1859 can be visited in Montpelier free of charge.


Discover the ninth largest inland waterway in the USA on a beautiful boat tour or idyllic fishing from the lakeshore.


Visit the Ben & Jerry’s Factory in Waterbury and learn how so much delicacy comes in every single spoon!


Whether it’s a bike tour in summer or a skiing holiday in winter, the recreation area offers a variety of opportunities for outdoor activities.

Vermont Zip Codes