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In Virginia, visitors can expect beautiful beaches, a hilly wine-growing region and numerous historic sites from the time of the civil war.

Virginia is located on the east coast of America and is part of the 13 states that proclaimed independence in 1776 and thus founded the USA. The extremely diverse landscape includes parts of the Atlantic coast, the Piedmont and the Appalachian Mountains. Virginia is nicknamed the ‘Mother of Presidents’ because this state, with a total of eight, was the largest number of US presidents.

The best way to explore Virginia’s sights is by taking a tour by car. The capital Richmond should also be visited. A landmark in the former center of the southern states is the State Capitol, personally designed by Thomas Jefferson. In addition, the Edgar Allan Poe Museum about the author, who spent most of his life here, is an absolute highlight. Virginia Beach is also the largest city in Virginia on the Atlantic coast. There are numerous hotels and a wide, fine sandy beach along the long Atlantiv Avenue. The Blue Ridge Mountains are particularly impressive as part of the Appalachian Mountains in the south of the state.

In the national park along the Blue Ridge Parkway, visitors can expect excellent hiking routes, beautiful panoramas and an almost untouched nature. A popular recreation area is the hilly country and wine-growing area of ​​the Piedmont. Here, in the heart of Virginia, there are also several historic sites from the civil war. Numerous monuments commemorate this time and, like the National Battlefield Park in Manassas, are very emotional.

Travel tips and best time
There is no major international airport in Virginia itself. Due to the short distance you can easily go via the Dulles International Airport from Washington DC.

When you arrive you should note that the time difference between the American east coast and Germany is six hours. The state’s weather is largely characterized by a temperate climate. The best time to travel is in spring and autumn with mostly pleasant temperatures.

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Discover the idyllic Skyline Drive, which runs through the entire national park and is surrounded by forests and mountains.


Travel back in time and immerse yourself in the city of the 18th century – a living museum awaits you.


Stroll along the extensive beach promenade and let the gentle waves of the Atlantic coast take effect.


Explore the colorful caves at Luray. They house the largest underground musical instrument in the world.


American history up close, enjoy wonderful shopping tours and real culinary delights

The charming Arlington in Virginia is located on the Potomac River and is just a stone’s throw from the US capital Washington DC on the opposite bank.

Go on an exploration tour through lively trendy districts that exude a relaxed flair, visit historical monuments of national importance and enjoy magnificent panoramic views over the wide river. Festivals in and around Arlington provide entertainment all year round with lively live music, exuberant party atmosphere and culinary highlights.

It is the perfect starting point to explore the diverse capital region, and particularly nearby Washington DC. Thanks to the good metro connection, you can reach the US capital particularly comfortably and at the same time benefit from the attractive hotel prices that Arlington offers.

Virginia Beach

Wonderful beaches and a large selection of restaurants and shops offer the best conditions for your relaxing vacation

The largest city of Virginia with 438,000 inhabitants is located directly on the Atlantic coast and is ideal for a beach holiday, as the name suggests. The city, along with Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, Suffolk and Chesapeake, forms a metropolitan area on Chesapeake Bay. This bay is the largest estuary in the United States and runs south towards the Atlantic. The name is derived from the Indian word Chesepiooc, a name given to the Powhatan and Nanticoke tribes for the “Great River”.

In Virginia Beach you ideally book your accommodation directly on the beach, so you never have to go far to the sea and have a fantastic view. This is how the name of many hotels is derived from the “Oceanfront Resort” in the immediate vicinity of the beach.

Walk along the beach promenade and enjoy the maritime flair. South of Virginia Beach is the 8-kilometer-long Sandbridge, a sandbar that caused some ships to run aground in the 19th century. Ship captains mistakenly thought the strait was the entrance to Chesapeake Bay and ran onto a reef. The so-called “wrong cape” is also located on Sandbridge Beach. As a nature reserve, the False Cape offers a habitat for numerous wild birds and is also particularly protected as a state park.

activities at Chesapeake Bay Virginia Beach as a beach town offer many different opportunities to let off steam on and in the sea. So surfers get their money’s worth here and demonstrate their skills in the waves. On the beach you also have the option of renting a surfboard or, if you have little experience, attending a surf course. A special alternative to this is so-called stand up paddling. You stand on a surfboard and move forward with a paddle.

A special opportunity to get to know the wildlife on the coast is a guided kayak tour on the Atlantic Ocean or on the Bay. Experienced paddlers show you special places where you can watch dolphins, for example. Such a tour is also ideal for families. Children have fun boating and learn everything important from the guides.

Relax on the beach
Give yourself a break on your trip through the capital region USA and enjoy the beach feeling in Virginia Beach. The maritime city is also very popular with locals from the region and is used for beach holidays. Not only can you let the sun shine on the beach all the time, but you can also explore the beautiful nature of the area.

The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is also worth a visit. More than 12,000 freshwater and marine dwellers live here in two buildings and can be admired by the visitors. Here you can learn more about the 700 animal species that use a habitat of more than 3 million liters of water in the aquarium.

Virginia Beach is of course also known for its cuisine with freshly caught fish and seafood. You don’t even have to put a lot of money on the table. For example, try the numerous crab stalls that line up on the beach promenade. More than 250 restaurants in Virginia Beach also offer culinary delights for all budgets.

Virginia Zip Codes