Vodafone Adds Digital Plus ADSL with Mobile Internet Service

“Vodafone has not taken to upgrade its new offer ADSL + mobile internet to offer a range of”triple play”with the internet, calls to landlines and TV”.

In this case, television will not go through the ADSL if not by satellite so it will be necessary to install a satellite dish for free with permanence in the service of 18 months (the penalty in the event of non-compliance will be 190 euros). The different Digital Plus packages additional to the quota of the Vodafone ADSL and available are as follows:

  • Plus: With 35 channels 29.95 euros/month
  • Selection: With 54 channels 26.95 euros/month
  • Premium Total: With all the available channels by 62.95 euros/month

In addition to the first two packages children’s, series or documentary modules you also may hire for 7 euros more per month and modules of cinema or sports for 11 euros more per month.

As joint promotion, Vodafone ADSL customers can enjoy free any package and module of Digital + free for a period of up to three months in addition to a gift for up to two months of manure soccer +. On the other hand, Digital plus, current customers can register on Vodafone ADSL with a 15% discount for 6 months.

The downside of this new package from Vodafone is that already it could have included also the service of Digital mobile Plus free but has not happened so customers interested in this additional service, will have to pay a fee of 6 euros/month + data from the mobile consumption.